The Evolution Of Lil Wayne’s Dreadlocks

Lil Wayne has been under heavy scrutiny about his dreadlocks. Social media has pointed out several photos and videos showing that Lil Wayne may in fact be losing hair. This is unexpected since he is still very young, in his mid 30’s. Before we continue, I have to say that Lil Wayne is one of my favorite rappers (after the Carter 1 and before Carter 5). Definitely in my top 10.

So this post is more about genuinely trying to figure out what is going on with Lil Wayne instead of bashing him. Even if he is losing hair like they say, it still doesn’t change his influence in Hip Hop culture, he is still a legend.

Hip Hop legend Lil Wayne, born as Dwayne Carter, has been known for having long hair ever since the beginning of his music career. After Birdman took Wayne under his wing at the age of 9 it would seem he has made it a point to grow his hair.

In the early stages of Lil Wayne’s career he did not have locs, he rocked braids. The first time I saw Wayne with locs had to be around the time “The Carter” came out. Im not sure exactly how he started them, but they were definitely thick for somebody just starting the journey. As time went on it did seem as if Wayne’s locs did get a litte thinner, probably from frequent twisting, but it was far from anything unhealthy.

In fact, a lot people said they were inspired by Wayne to get dreadlocks in the first place. After this stage of Lil Wayne’s journey, I noticed his locs looked he started to combine them. Did he notice his hair was thinning at the roots and decided to make the roots thicker? A lot of people actually do this in the later stages of the journey. When you have dreads for so long, the constant manipulation and the weight of the hair make the roots thin. It’s completely normal.

(This is why I choose not to twist my hair anymore. When it gets to this length I’ll have thick enough roots to carry the weight of my locs with any thinning out going on.)

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I don’t have access to Lil Wayne’s daily dreadlock maintenance regiment, so it’s difficult trying to determine exactly what is going on with his hair. I will say this, bleaching or dyeing his hair seems to be the only major destructive force in his loc journey. Especially since he did ALL of his hair and not just the tips. Maybe Wayne’s hair is thinning out, or maybe since the roots of his locs are combined it reveals more scalp then what you’re use to seeing from him. He has transitioned to more of a freeform style.

Does Lil Wayne do drugs and if so do those drugs have an impact on his loc journey? In particular the increased thinning and what appears to be bald spots? Either way, today’s society has yet to be educated on the process or components of freeform locs. Most people will still only find negative things to say about afro textured hair in a more natural state.

Whatever the case maybe, give the guy a break, at least he is staying to true to his hair as it is instead of adding extensions like many other celebrities.

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