The Greatest Debate Is Within Yourself, Not With Other People

7 Reasons Why You Should Never Argue With Anyone About Anything

(Cover Art by IG: @davidalabo)

Ok so this was a serious issue for me. For a long time I felt the need to argue with people who don’t agree with me or see my point of view. I would drive myself insane trying to convince someone else that my view and understanding is correct and their view and understanding is flawed.

Flexing knowledge how bodybuilders flex muscles. I actually made it a point to study so much in hopes some poor soul would question my intelligence so I could psychologically annihilate them in conversation and debate. A samurai street scholar at his best.

I admired people like Malcolm X, Louis Farrakhan, Khalid Muhammad, Hebrew Israelites, Bobby Hemmit, Brother Polight, Brother Panic, and others like them for their ability to absorb massive amounts of information, maintain composure while retrieving infinite capsules of truth from their endless knowledge banks at lightning speed, and using it to slay ignorance in the heat of discussion or debate.

Although the obsession with knowledge building is important, it useless if I’m using it to boost my ego as opposed to applying all that knowledge to solve real life problems and better my life, plus the life of those around me. Eventually, I matured and evolved my previous understanding to a new and progressive one. In this new understanding, I no longer feel the need to argue with anyone about anything.

I now know that my understanding is truly mine and I have a universal right to my own understanding, just as you have a right to your own. I now know that the greatest argument is with myself, and with no one else. I now know that my job is to convince myself of what I know, not any one else. I now know that as a divine expression of the infinite cosmos manifested in a melanin physicality, that I can validate myself. Therefore there is no reason to argue with anyone about anything, ever.

So here’s a list of 7 reasons why you should never argue with anyone, about anything, ever:

  1. Arguing is a complete waste of time. There’s millions of more constructive or pleasurable things to do besides argue with someone, especially if it’s someone you don’t like and don’t care about.
  2. If two people believe two different things, and any belief accompanied with an emotion can materialize in the physical universe then, both people are right.
  3. More often than not, people argue to convince themselves of something as opposed to convincing someone else. They like to hear themselves to talk.
  4. If you’re confident and grounded in your understanding, there’s no need to get confirmation or validation from someone or something outside of yourself.
  5. Arguing is destructive, a constructive action to replace that is asking questions instead to better understand why that person thinks what they think so you know how to respond appropriately.
  6. In arguments, people tend to get flustered and angry. This leads to poor decision making, violence, and some form of intoxication to settle down.
  7. Arguing with someone you love can ruin the relationship, it’s better to walk away and come back with cool head ready to have a constructive conversation.