February 12, 2020

Black Millennials Are Leaving Religion To Achieve Spiritual Enlightenment

The younger generations are looking outside of modern religious institutions to obtain knowledge of self and the universe.

We are living in a new world.

A world moving at light speed that’s constantly flooded with information, it’s overwhelming to the older generations. Yet the younger generations thrive on the excessive stimuli of today’s world, we are always looking for new information to consume.

Well with new information comes new revelations. This is why the new generation of Black millennials are able to survive and breakthrough the indoctrination of modern religious institutions, unlike some of our parents and grandparents. It’s not that we’re so much better, we’re just more informed.

Those of us that have acquired more information are more equipped to recognize the lies and scandals within the religious institutions we’ve been involved in. This is why it appears that the younger generations lack the religious enthusiasm of previous generations.

We’ve already proven to ourselves, through much study and research, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Pastor Pork Chop is full of sh*t. He or she may be a nice person, do good things in the community, so on and so on. But at the end of the day, they are liars and con-artist. Adam wasn’t the first man. Jesus never existed, the story was stolen from Egypt (The story of Heru/Horus). “God” never came to them in a dream and told them anything. My tithes and offerings are not going to God, but to their bank accounts for later luxury spending. The church is nothing but a scam. Rather than finding righteousness in the churches we often find more hostility, lies, absurdities, scandals, and arrogance – ironically more than we would find on the outside of those institutions.

This leads us to what? Other options.

We begin to investigate the many sciences of life. We begin to act on our intuition instead of smother it. We begin to cultivate knowledge of self. This leads us into our own unique paths to spiritual enlightenment, or self-realization. Our questions lead us to answers, which usually leave us with more questions. The more we learn, the more we realize that everything that was taught to us in those religious institutions were lies, half-truths at best.

At some point we’ve read so many books, listened to so many lectures, and builded with enough people to build a consciousness that exists outside of the religious indoctrination we’ve received as kids from our parents.

Look around. Talk to people around you, in your neighborhood. Look on social media. The majority of millennials could careless about what their local religious institution has to say. We know it’s a scam. Look at what the younger generations are doing to achieve spiritual enlightenment. We are turning knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. We are turning to books. We are turning to indigenous spiritual practices. We are learning about energy. We are learning about ourselves and how we connect with everything in the universe. We are learning that we are Gods.

The biggest reason why many Black millennials are leaving religious institutions is because we’ve discovered one way or another that everything we were looking for “out there” is already inside of us.

Jason Williams
Jason Williams

Founder and Primary Author of Trudreadz.com. A Curious Melanated Mind, Writer, Reader, Husband, Father, and Student Of Everything In Life.