Dear Black People: Hire Yourself Or Die A Slave On The Modern Plantation

Striving For Self Sufficiency Should Be The First Priority Of Every Black Household

One day I was listening to Dr. Boyce Watkins on YouTube, he said something like ‘it takes less time filing out paperwork to start a business then it does filling out a job application’. At that moment I went on google, looked up how to register a business in my state, and within 20 minutes I was legally a CEO of my own business.

That’s what started this blog. Although it has been an adventurous journey and no I’m not rich yet, it’s become extremely feasible and realistic to earn passive and active income. This was a big step towards self-sufficiency.

The plan was to build the business day by day, till eventually there’d reach a point where leaving the corporate plantation and focusing on growing my business was a reality, instead of spending 40+ hours a week building someone else’s empire.

I’m saying all this because I want you to understand starting a business is easier then you think. The hardest part is convincing yourself that you can do it and you deserve to receive more income then you do now. Most people SAY they want more money, but don’t honestly have a reasonable expectation of receiving more money.

Also, let me make this clear: starting a successful business is hard work and it may not become profitable immediately, you must be ready to adapt and be willing to sacrifice almost everything to make your vision manifest.

You can’t depend on a racist corporate system designed to ensure that the bulk of wealth stays in the elite Caucasian hands and a few chosen “others” (that will keep money circulating in caucasian hands anyway). They give you just enough so you can survive another day so you can continue building their empire. At a moments notice they will fire you and have you replaced by the end of the day.

Is this a life you want to live forever? Is this a life you want for your kids? Don’t you want to pass down wealth to your grandchildren? Well I can tell you slaving on a 9 to 5 will not build generational wealth.

Think of how much money you would’ve made for your job after 20+ years and I guarantee your retirement check (if you even get lucky enough to receive one) will not reflect your hard work and dedication. Becoming self-sufficient is revolutionary. Being financially independent is revolutionary.

Use your skills and talents to build an empire for you and your family so that one day (if you’re not doing it already) you can leave the plantation and never slave for “the white man” again.