February 15, 2020

The Power Of Blackness And Melanin Is White America’s Worst Fear

(Cover Photo by IG: @jeffmanning_ )

Dr. Frances Cress Welsing thoroughly demonstrated in The Isis Papers (1991) how the global system of racism (white supremacy) is rooted in the fear of genetic annihilation by way of the melanated masses.

In other words, if people who classify themselves as “white” (caucasians) can not or will not steal, kill and destroy in order to maintain a superior circumstance they will go extinct. If everything was truly “equal” and everybody loved everybody, then eventually race mixing would erase the “white” gene out of existence. Interracial relationships that produce children between melanated people and non-melanated are an enemy of the global system of racism (white supremacy). That also makes blackness an enemy, and when we’re talking about blackness we’re really talking about melanin. So blackness and melanin becomes the enemy of white genetic survival.

Why? Melanin dominates. That’s why people say “once you go black, you never go back”. Sure, on a petty level we know what most people are talking about when they say that. However, I challenge you to compare that saying with the nature of melanin.

Melanin is the black, transmutable, life-bringing, multidimensional, super conductive substance that glazes the universe.

In America they use to have a “one drop rule”, meaning if you had one drop of black blood you were considered black. Even back then caucasians understood if they were to elevate themselves and maintain a society that secures white genetic survival, anything melanated could not be allowed to infiltrate the ranks. The fear was, “one drop” of melanin could enter the genetic pool of caucasians and alter it, perhaps even annihilate it.

This is important to keep in mind when discussing the fear of blackness and melanin.

Pay attention to the movies. The villain is usually dark and deadly. Think about the horror films, sci-fi and super hero movies you’ve seen. More often than not, there’s a hero (usually white) saving themselves or the world from an impeding evil threat that is dark, came from the darkness, or uses dark powers. This is no coincidence. It’s a subconscious expression of the fear of melanin and blackness. The movies they make seem to be a way for them to fantasize about defeating or escaping melanin or blackness.

It is this fear of melanin and blackness that fuels passions to “make America great again”, when white genetic survival in America was at its peak.

It is why the business of slavery became personal for caucasians. The lucrative profits were only part of the motivation, the other primary incentive was white genetic survival.

It is why there is so many movies about black people being slaves, but very few showing melanated people in a completely dominant circumstance. Discouraging high frequency thoughts in melanated minds.

It is what fuels passions for bigger and better guns in America.

It is what fuels racist laws and police violence in America.

It is why America wants a physical wall between it and a country of melanated people.

The fear of melanin and blackness is what wakes white America up in the morning. It puts that battery in white America’s back to keep the fight for white genetic survival alive.