Our Righteous Anger Must Be Channeled For Powerfully Productive Purposes

Emotions are energy in motion. Anger is one hell of an energy in motion. It can empower us, or consume us.

(Cover Art:  Justin Maller)

As a “conscious” black person in America there’s always a reason to be angry. We could be mad at white people for their heinous crimes against the melanated masses and the planet earth. We could be mad at the prison industrial complex and police officers for their long-documented racism and brutality towards melanated people in america.We could be mad at the government for assassinating my heroes, and enforcing a system of global white supremacy that aims to dominate all melanated peoples of the known universe. We could be mad that there is no peace or unity between the melanated masses.

The list goes on and on. You get the point. There are plenty of righteous reasons for us to be angry, all the time. Has this constant state of anger and hyper vigilance been beneficial for us? Has it inspired the revolution? Has it brought us to mountain top? Obviously it has not, at least not for this generation. We are no where near Wakanda in America.

At one point in time, that energy was useful for the ancestors whom were enslaved with the power and courage to resist captivity by any means necessary, ultimately paving the way for us to have the “freedoms” we now have. That energy was also useful because they USED IT TO DO THINGS. However, they were also aware that if anger was demonstrated at the wrong place and/or the wrong time their plans for a new life would be ruined.

In today’s world, our righteous anger is consuming us. We aren’t using it “to get free”, but those emotions don’t go away, so it turns into us killing each other or being self-destructive. We are burning from our own fire. We have all this energy that is meant for us to use, to produce with, to create with. Instead we do nothing with it, because we are too afraid to exercise our righteous anger with justice and equality.

That righteous anger we feel is not meant to just sit there, it can’t. Either we intentionally do something with or it will do something with us. Ranting on Facebook about how evil the white man is will not resolve our issues. Making new trendy hashtags or conscious merch will not effectively use that energy. Complaining about how little we get paid at our jobs but never starting a business is insane.

The point is, when we don’t exercise our righteous anger with justice and equality we become righteously angry at ourselves for not handling business. This only leads to self-descructive thoughts and behaviors of individuals and the collective. Our righteous anger could be a mighty tool of inspiration or it can become quicksand of doom.

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