February 24, 2020

Bernard Sanders Is The Most Insidious Kind Of Racist

(Cover Photo: Lucas Jackson/Reuters)

Black conservative puppet Candace Owens made viral news after a recent appearance on Fox News’ “Ingraham Angle” where she described 2020 U.S. presidential candidate Bernard Sanders as “the best kind of racist.” While Candace Owens is a sellout and provocateur whose only interest is satisfying white paymasters, her labeling of Sanders is not far off. As the old saying goes, ‘a broken clock tells the correct time twice a day.’

Sanders enjoys his status as a democratic front-runner as a result of the rhetoric that claims him to be the anti-racism, anti-capitalist candidate in the age of Donald Trump. However, this is all a facade and it definitely makes Sanders the most insidious kind of racist as there are surely no good, bad or best kind.

I will explain why Sanders is trash and does not deserve Black support but let’s start decades ago. Sanders cites his so-called involvement in the Civil Rights movement to paint himself as a champion for Black and oppressed peoples. However, Sanders was no different than any of the dozens of young white college students who used the movement as an extracurricular civics project only to return back to their lives of whiteness after the 60s.

Sanders did not even travel to the South where the most dangerous work was done. He instead protested the city of Chicago for not integrating schools. Black schools were overcrowded and dilapidated. He didn’t, fight for those Black schools to be funded for improvement but instead demanded black children to be bussed to white racist white neighborhoods for an education. This is typical among white liberals. They will stand in the way of Black self-determination but call it advocacy because they frame proximity to whiteness as progress. Sanders also makes reference to his attendance in the 1963 “March on Washington”, marching with (as in alongside) Dr. King when he was simply one of 250,000 people who attended. This supposedly gives him the credibility to tell Black people he will do nothing for us because he already has earned our unquestioning support.

This support is supposed to come from Black people despite his vote for the 1994 Crime Bill authored by ‘Jim Crow’ Joseph Biden and endorsed by Killary Clinton. Black families are still dealing with the aftershocks of this predatory bill that gave money to states for creating harsher punishment laws and using military grade equipment and funding for the aggressive hiring of killer cops, many who are white supremacy organization infiltrators fueling the Black incarceration and brutal murders. When questioned about voting for the Bill, he claimed that it was a “compromise.” The compromise was that the Bill included a violence against women act as if the ramping up of U.S. police regimes and harsher penalty laws that directly impacted Black people were not acts of terror against Black women as well. Sanders was only concerned about white women.

Sanders gave a clear and absolute “no” when asked if he supports reparations in 2016 and later asked “what is reparations” when asked about the issue in 2019. However, he understands what reparations are. This is the same person who had the luxury of traveling to Israel to live in a kibbutz (Jewish hippy commune that makes money off of Palestinian natural resources) in 1963. He literally went from so-called civil rights activities for Black people in the U.S. to contributing to the theft of Palestinian resources by racist Zionists. The state of Israel itself is one big reparations package for European Jews after the Holocaust. Sanders has no problem with his people being given stolen land as reparations yet thinks the Black people who built this country don’t deserve what was stolen from us.

Bernard Sanders expects Black political support when he has consistently betrayed us. He recently described candidate Joseph Biden as “a nice guy” who is his “friend.” Jim Crow Joseph Biden has prided himself on the racist and terroristic policies he’s written and supported (that Sanders also supported need I remind) yet he is Sander’s friend. Who can be a friend to such a vicious white nationalist and still be loyal to the interest of Black people? Sanders has tried to distinguish himself from the rest of the charlatans coming before the Black masses expecting votes. However, the days of Black people pretending we have the luxury of good sportsmanship in politics are over.

Sander’s is the most insidious kind of racist because he invokes the struggles of black people while playing ball and shaking hands with the most vile, racist actors in U.S. and world political theater. This is because he is one of them. He represents a competing faction of white power but it’s still white power that he works to preserve. He’s insidious because his rhetoric bamboozles Black people into thinking he is anything other than what he is.

Bernard Sanders tries to mask his complicity and enabling of white power as having good character. When is it ever of good character to compromise and befriend those who do evil? Apparently, it’s when that evil is directed towards Black people. Sanders ranted about holding cops accountable while pandering to Black voters in South Carolina last year but has no proposed policy that specifically addresses the racist motivated murders, arrests and harassment of Black people by cops. He decries the treatment of Black people via cops and and court rooms in vague ways but still won’t propose policy to Black people that protect us. This also includes the economic power to protect and defend ourselves in this country’s sham legal process as well as to end the poverty that drives Black people into situations where they are in increased interaction with U.S. police regimes and it’s circus courtrooms. That means reparations. 

Bernard Sanders doesn’t want Black freedom and autonomy. He wants Black votes to help him attain his goal of reaching the mountain top of a career in politics…. before he dies.

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