The Corrupt Prison System That Destroyed Kalief Browder’s Life Still Exists In America Today

The Precious Blood of Kalief Browder: Bloomberg, Black Political Puppets and Black Lives for Sale

(Cover Photo: Kalief Browder)

Kalief Browder was shy of his 17th birthday when he was falsely accused and arrested for stealing a backpack by New York City cops in 2010. Kalief’s family couldn’t afford to pay the $3,000 bail that was set. As a result, the teen was sent to the notorious Rikers prison where he was held for three years, enduring inhumane living conditions, including extended periods of solitary confinement, abuse from guards and other inmates. He sadly took his own life a year after his release due to the trauma he experienced. Kalief Browder is one story from Michael Bloomberg’s reign of terror on the Black people of NYC.

Stop and frisk was a tool the city of NYC and others used in oppressing Black males. It gave cops the portal to initiate encounters with Black men whereas they could increase their chances of incarceration be it through marijuana possession, warrants, resisting without arrest etc. It also provided cops with the opportunity to plant evidence and to overall arrest people they knew had done nothing. Michael Bloomberg took this concept and made it the official protocol for initiating cop encounters with Black people. Other key parts of this system were indeed the racist judges and Rikers Island Jail itself. This jail was significant in breaking and neutralizing the Black males Michael Bloomberg sought to suppress. His 2002-13 term as mayor represented a time when Black New Yorkers lived in terror. Kalief Browder is just one of the many Black lives destroyed by Bloomberg’s racist regime that we can put a name to. Hundreds of thousands of Black men were stopped and at least physically violated. The initial physical violation of a search/pat-down could or could not lead to arrest, getting beaten, or murdered by the armed thugs in blue.

Despite this horrendous record, Black politicians are shamelessly endorsing Bloomberg for U.S. president. It’s no secret that most of them are proven Bloomberg bootlickers who are all but on his payroll. Black Girl Magic Ambassador and former candidate for Governor of Georgia, Stacey Abrams did not hesitate to bow to Bloomberg after a 5.5 million dollar donation to her nonprofit Fair Fight. Both London Breed, mayor of San Francisco and Michael Tubbs, mayor of Stockton, CA have endorsed Bloomberg who has personally groomed them for such occasions during his mayor’s training schools. DC’s mayor Muriel Browser endorsed Bloomberg after he dropped 4 million dollars on the city’s school budget. Former Black Panther turned pastor rep. Bobby Rush of Illinois who is millions of dollars in debt via loans for churches and mismanaged grant money has also come out to endorse this white paymaster. Bloomberg endorser, Georgia rep. Lucy Bath who lost her son Jordan Davis to racist violence received a total of over 4.5 million dollars from Bloomberg via campaign contributions and donations to her own non-profit. Then there is pastor Calvin Butts of Harlem’s historic Abyssinian Baptist Church who endorsed Bloomberg after receiving a 1 million dollar donation to the church. At the democratic debate held this year in South Carolina, Bloomberg made a telling slip of the tongue. When trying to reconcile his crimes against Black people, he brings up how much money he has spent to get certain politicians elected that support white power’s liberal agendas. he says almost says he “bought” them before catching himself. It was too late. It is clear and now documented. We as Black people have to ask ourselves. Is there no crime one can commit against Black people that the democratic party, Black petty bourgeoisie politicians and so-called leaders will deem unacceptable? The democratic party has the same regard for the lives of Black people as they do sewer rats and there is no depth to how low their Black puppets will stoop for money and white approval. This reality must be faced head on in this year’s election. Dr. John Henrik Clark’s famous words come to mind “you have no friends.”

Bloomberg is not the only candidate with the blood of Black people on their record. Joseph Biden has previously held the 1994 Crime Bill as one the great accomplishments of his career calling it “Biden’s Law.” He’s never had any reason to believe he would ever have to atone for the Black families he’s destroyed, instead he was rewarded with the position of vice-president by the first Black president with almost unanimous Black support. Biden also has the endorsement of the NAACP and holds the lead in states like South Carolina, a mostly Black state. This is only possible in a political party, system, and culture that does not value Black people as human. Yes. The NAACP does not value the Black people destroyed by Biden as human.

Bernard Sanders supported the same bill that has been a scourge on our communities yet, Nina Turner and Killa Mike will tell you it’s not like that. Supporters of Kamala Harris before dropping from the race, would never address her record as prosecutor head on but would instead accuse her critics of hating Black women as if her record was not enough to be cancelled by Black people. Kamala Harris is such a vicious white bootlicker, her sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha should be publicly called out for its’ endorsement of Harris and so should all of these organizations and individuals that support politicians’ who have built their careers on the dead bodies and broken dreams of Black people. We have been the sacrificial lamb in preserving this sham democracy for too long when it is clear to us that the U.S. Constitution itself does not protect the lives of Black people but too many of us still pretend that it does. Kalief Browder is one of many sacrifices Black people must make in order to uphold this deadly game. 

Any group of people that suffers the abuses at the hands of its’ government that we as Black people do should have no business endorsing the very people who uphold such a system. Biden should never receive a hero’s welcome by any Black organization like the one bestowed upon him at the NAACP’s National Convention in 2019. It shouldn’t be so easy for Bloomberg to find a black baby to kiss. Bernard Sanders cannot use the same breath to sign away Black lives for his own political gain, deny Black people reparations and still get a pass based on actions he took almost 60 years ago. There is an arrogance coming from this party when it comes to our peculiar situation. The gaslighting of Black people that is going on today is dangerous. This is a call for divestment from U.S. sham democracy and demand our right to self-determination through reparations and political independence.