The Science Of “Keeping It Real”: The Melanated Mind Materializes Everything In The Universe

Everything about us is meant to “keep it real”, to keep consciously manipulating elements of the universe at will and manifesting thoughts into this dimension according to the inspirations from our minds. In other words, it is the nature of our melanated mind to imagine things and make them “real” on regular basis, including the universe.

(Cover Photo: @king_midas._)

What does it mean to “keep it real” and why should it be important to curious melanated minds? “Keeping it real” is more than just a phrase, it is an expression of our collective consciousness reflecting our truest nature.

What we call “the real world”, the physical world, is really just a bunch of atoms vibrating at extremely high speeds. There’s nothing solid, or “real” about it really. Whether we realize it our not we are physical manifestations of the infinitely expanding creative force of the universe. The consciousness within us is apart of the collective consciousness that created, maintains and expands the universe. So by default we create and control our reality, consciously manipulating elements of the universe at will.

We Generate, Operate, & Destroy.

‘Keeping it real’ is just another way of saying: generate reality according to divine inspiration within our operation and express it truthfully, destroying all lies and things not aligned with the supreme mathematics of OUR universe. Do you keep it real?

The reason melanated minds have an obsession with “keeping it real” is because it’s part of our nature.

What does melanin have to do with this? Well neuromelanin, the type of melanin found internally, is similar to the blackness in space. See the book Why Darkness Matters – The Power of Melanin in the Brain by Edward B. Bynum for information on the relationship between neuromelanin and cosmic melanin. It is this connection that allows for the “physical” melanated brain and body to connect to and draw from the infinitely expanding universe. Trying to do this with low levels of melanin (internally and externally) is like being stuck in an ocean on a paddle boat, with no paddle. Imagine the universe being a woman’s womb, and us being the developing infant, melanin would be like the umbilical cord.

We are magnetized towards maintaining a consciousness that will express itself openly and honestly according to its own inspiration without fear. This is why the gangsta image is so appealing even to the most conservative amongst us, it is a symbol of unapologetic self expression. It says, “I am here and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.” We are attracted to that type of vibration because that’s how we are created to function. There’s more to that old song by Boris Gardiner, “every nig*** is a star” then you might think.

We are living mathematics, and we all know correct math is always true, right and exact. Wrong math is not math at all, it’s either right and exact or it’s not. It’s either darkness or light. It’s either knowledge, or just information. Expressing truth, or light, or knowledge is what we naturally do. Our souls are literally inner suns. Pure energy and consciousness.

Our soul is the primary engine behind our need to “keep it real”, which we could now view as the act of generating reality according to divine inspiration within our operation and expressing it truthfully, destroying all lies and things not aligned with the supreme mathematics of OUR universe. If we don’t keep this reality “real” our souls would ultimately have no physical body to live in and experience itself. We must “keep it real” if want to exist as we know it. What we call reality is really only a holographic projection of our subconscious mind, so by “keeping it real” we consciously choose to create a reality conducive to our nature and inspirations. In other words, our souls or inner suns are meant to shine according to its own nature.

Taking time to be honest or “keeping it real” with yourself is more important than some may think. It’s about making sure you are creating a reality based off of the sum total of knowledge you’ve gain so far. Taking light from the past world, transforming it in the present, and projecting it out in the future. Essentially recycling light to impact the “now”, which is usually reflective of our subconscious mind. The never-ending moment of “now” is the universe, or us “keeping it real” in real time. That’s what happens when we keep it real.

So when we go against the grain and choose not to keep it real it creates a “disturbance in the force”. When we resist divine inspiration that comes from within and choose to dim our own light we become a slave to our fears, so do yourself a favor and just keep it real…