No Symptoms For Black Athletes And Celebrities Who Tested Positive For Coronavirus

Since the Coronavirus became a global pandemic there emerged this idea that black people may be more resistant to the Coronavirus because of melanin.

Soon after, random black celebrities and athletes announced they tested positive for the virus, yet not a single one mentions or shows any physical symptoms.

Were these black celebrities and athletes recruited by the government or some other entity to further incite a global pandemonium?

Idris Elba – “I feel ok, I have no symptoms.”

CNN reports that “His first message was to ask people to stop spreading the false conspiracy theory that black people can’t contract Covid-19.”

Idris was quoted as saying, “Please guys, now is not the time,” he said. “People need to know facts, need to understand the truth so that they can protect themselves. Stop sending this stuff out. It’s very dangerous for all, not just black people, but for everyone.”

Kevin Durant – “Described himself as feeling fine.”

Kevin Durant

The New York Times reports, “Kevin Durant, one of the biggest stars in the N.B.A., is one of four Nets players who tested positive for the coronavirus, he told The Athletic on Tuesday.

“Everyone be careful, take care of yourself and quarantine,” said Durant, who described himself as feeling fine. “We’re going to get through this.”

At least seven N.B.A. players have tested positive for the virus. On Tuesday, the Nets announced that four of their players had tested positive, though they did not name the athletes. The team said only one of the four had shown symptoms.”

Callum Hudson-Odoi – “I had the virus for the last couple of days, which I’ve recovered from.”

“I had the virus for the last couple of days, which I’ve recovered from,” Hudson-Odoi said in a video posted on social media.

“I’m following the health guidelines and self-isolating myself from everybody for the week. I hope to see everybody soon and hopefully be back on the pitch very soon. Take care.”

Donovan Mitchell – “..continues to have no signs of illness since going into isolation.”

ESPN reports, “All-Star guard Donovan Mitchell of the Utah Jazz says he showed no symptoms of being sick before testing positive for the coronavirus, and he continues to have no signs of illness since going into isolation.

The report goes on to say, “Mitchell said he continues to feel fine, and that the worst physical issue he has had during this process was going through the test for COVID-19 itself.