Is The Coronavirus Outbreak Connected To The New 5G Network In China?

There seems to be more and more evidence pointing to the idea that the new 5G networks in China are responsible for the Coronavirus. There also seems to be more and more effort from major news media to overlook and discredit the health risks of 5G that have been discovered and recorded by health officials as well as so-called conspiracy theorists.

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I’ve been hearing about this rumor so I decided to look for myself and see if it was true.

I searched “5G and the Coronavirus”, the first article that popped up was from USA Today titled “Coronavirus: Here’s why science says 5G didn’t cause COVID …“. Bob O’Donnell, author of the article claims that rumors are false and 5G has nothing to do with the Coronavirus:

The coronavirus pandemic and its ongoing consequences have given us all plenty to think about and worry about. But there‚Äôs one thing you can permanently take off your concern list: 5G has no causal connection to COVID-19, contrary to several recent misguided online rumors. 

In fact, according to a seven-year-long scientific study published just this month, 5G has no detrimental health effects in general.”

Well that settles that…or does it?

No, it doesn’t. I still had questions.

Did the coronavirus start in Wuhan, China?

According to news sources like DW News and others, yes.

If the virus started in Wuhan, China then was 5G introduced to that area recently?

According to the South China Morning Post, “130,000 5G base stations were in place across China as of the end of 2019”.

Just to be sure, I had to research and make sure that meant “everything is up and running”.

I didn’t want to assume that just because stations were built that 5G was active. Well according to this report by France 24, China turned on this network early November 2019.

Is 5G dangerous for humans?

Health experts don’t seem to think 5G is safe for human beings.

KT The Arch Degree, a popular health specialist within the black conscious community, is one of the few to break down what the Coronavirus is and how it relates to the new 5G network in China.

According to a CBS report, “Sprint shut down a cell phone tower on the campus of a California elementary school after some parents said it may be linked to several recent cases of childhood cancer. Those families at Weston Elementary School in Ripon claim the tower could have exposed their kids to harmful radiation.”

The man in the viral video below claims to work on cell phone towers, he explains his experience with 5G technology and the dangers of it.

So if there was 5G in Wuhan, China, AND it is dangerous, AND related to the Coronavirus, AND the world shutting down then why is every major media outlet in the country suggesting that 5G is safe and we should welcome it into our lives?

There’s definitely much more to this story then they are willing to tell. One thing is for sure, wherever that 5G goes, death follow close behind.

Is it possible that there are many major players in the elite game involved in this 5G business and they were well aware and prepared for a potential backfire, but maybe not as massive as a global lockdown?

Is this why the American news media is so supportive of 5G despite public health concerns?

Is this massive effort to set up 5G networks globally related in any way to the current agenda Bill Gate’s supports to block out the sun, effectively helping melanin deficient life forms avoid extinction?

Is this why Facebook and Instagram will cover up your post if you say anything about 5G and the Coronavirus?

Things that make you go hmmm….

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