Elijah Muhammad Taught “One Meal A Day” Way Before It Was Trending

Some people seem to think intermittent fasting is a new thing, well it’s not.

Various forms of fasting have been utilized since ancient times, Elijah Muhammad was one of the major influences in more recent times to promote “one meal a day” or what people now call intermittent fasting.

Roger A. Muhammad speaks to this in an article titled “The Science of One Meal a Day” found on the Final Call website (FinalCall.com):

One of the most distinguishing traits of the followers of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad is their dietary prescription: The famous practice of eating one meal a day. For many, from the early 30s to now, this practice seemed too radical and even unreasonable and dangerous to the metabolism. After all, don’t Health Organizations promote three meals a day?

In fact, certain health gurus have suggested that eating several piece meals, during the course of a day, is the best dietary practice. Doesn’t this mean that dietary experts contradict the Honorable Elijah Muhammad?

Yes … but that’s a good thing. Because an emergent volume of research is now coming out in the last decade or so, bearing witness, scientifically, to Mr. Muhammad’s Teachings.