April 6, 2020

East Texas Marine Veteran Evicted After Unemployed From Coronavirus Precautions

(Cover Photo: Jewel Scott (Brother of Veteran Alex Brown), KETX News)

People shouldn’t be put out because they can’t go to work. Because they’re being told not to go to work. It’s different if you don’t go to work and you want to be lazy but when you’re told not to go and you have no way to pay your bills then something should be done about it.

(Texarkana, Texas) “A East Texas Marine veteran said his inability to work due to COVID-19 precautions led to his eviction Friday. Residents at the Sands Motel said they’re asked to pay their rent on a weekly basis. Veteran Alex Brown said he informed the motel manager about his situation, but he said he was still told to leave. Now, Brown said, he’s homeless.” KTAL News