Use This “Quarantine” Time To Strive For Knowledge Of Self And The Universe

Just because we are stuck at home doesn’t mean we have to be unproductive. While others waste time, we could come out of this “pandemic” with new skills, abilities, and opportunities.

(Cover Photo: IG – @seamlessoo)

Too often people say they don’t have time to read, well now you do. Not only that, but in the midst of such a global crisis it is crucial to have enough information and perspective to maintain sanity in these crazy days.

‘If you don’t know, you can’t go.’

Use this time to strive for knowledge of self and the universe. If you don’t, you will be swayed by every fork-tounged lie that comes out of the mouths of these politicians, religious leaders and so-called experts.

It’s important that you understand what’s going on for yourself.

It’s one thing to just live off of the opinions and perceptions of others, but it’s another to analyze that information and create new understandings relevant to your life and your sum total of knowledge.

Turn off the video game.

Turn off Netflix.

Get off of Tik-Tok.

Read a book. Learn about what a virus really is, how the human body works, what melanin can do, the power of the mind, how economies work, how to thrive in the digital age, and anything else that will help you evolve into a more powerful and productive entity.