April 8, 2020

African Americans Are NOT More At Risk Of Being Infected By Coronavirus

Keith Newsome, left, Mike Williams, and Keith Gibson, middle, play spades on St. Bernard Avenue in New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S., amid the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), April 7, 2020. REUTERS/Kathleen Flynn - RC240G99981U

U.S. Surgeon General claims African Americans are “more at risk”, here’s why that’s BS.

The Hill reports, “Surgeon General Jerome Adams on Tuesday said African Americans are at a higher risk during the coronavirus pandemic as numbers revealing a disparity in cases and deaths are beginning to emerge from states.”

The Reality of the Situation

  • People are not getting sick from a “virus”, they are getting sick from their body destabilizing from being exposed to 5g radiation. Check out a brother named KT The Arch Degree, he does a great job at breaking this down.
  • The economic backlash of the Coronavirus will impact black people more than the actual “virus”. The biggest danger for black people now is not getting sick, but securing a stable stream of income amidst this “lockdown”.
  • Corporate America has created a global poisonous atmosphere for all living organisms on planet earth in the name of profits, it is this that has lowered everyones immune systems: chemtrails, factory emissions, oil spills contaminating water and food, GMO foods, the meat and dairy industry, fluoride in the water, deadly pharmaceuticals prescribed by trusted doctors, intentional miseducation about human dietary needs to direct people to specific industries and businesses, and don’t forget 5G wireless technologies.
  • Black (melanated) people have been on planet earth for millions of years and have survived every circumstance this planet has to offer, this circumstance is no different.
  • While white people are dying by the thousands every day in Europe not one major media outlet has suggested ‘Europeans have a greater risk’.
  • There has been a resurgence of information explaining the nature, composition and benefits of melanin. This has caused white people (and those under the spell of white people) to desperately find any crumb of information to debunk any theories of melanated people having advanced immune systems due to the nature of melanin. Meanwhile, they never expose the pre-existing conditions which contribute to African American deaths were more than likely the human collateral damage of something America created anyway.
  • Just because many black people can not or will not go to the hospital (Read a book called “Medical Apartheid”), does not mean they are not using age-old home remedies passed down through generations. Which quite honestly work much better than western medicine without the side effects.