It’s Not The Time To Be Afraid, It’s Time To Finally Take Control Of Our Lives

Let this current crisis inspire us to understand the importance of self-sufficiency and maintaining good health. It’s time to do away with the deadly treats and carnivorous eating habits of Babylon and start living in a way that aligns with our biological circumstance, our spirit, the teachings of our elders, and ultimately the natural order of life and the universe.

(Cover Photo: IG – @blackcollage_)

Fear not, but instead stride with pride down the yellow brick road of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.

Whether this Coronavirus is a “real” virus or a consequence of 5G wireless technologies one thing is for sure, our health is under attack at every level.

It’s not just the virus that’s the problem. When you tie in all the ways American capitalism has destroyed the earth, abused precious resources, polluted otherwise useful land, polluted the air, poisoned and fattened the masses, and many other crimes against the planet and humanity, it has set the stage for millions of people to die from this new pandemic.

Was this intentional? Yes. More and more information is coming out everyday that is exposing how the global system of white supremacy is involved in almost every major scandal or unredeemable crime against the planet and humanity.

At this point, they have turned on their own kind. How much less would “the system” care for the life and well being of a melanated mind?

We have to take back control of our own lives and our own minds.

They will not tell us the truth nor give us the means to be strong, healthy, or successful. Luckily, we have elders and ancestors that have accumulated lifetimes of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding and have laid the foundation for us to grow from.

Fighting nature is a losing battle. As melanated people, black people, gods, advanced universal chaos beings, suns, souls, stars, we have a duty to strive to be aligned with the ways of the universe. The more we are aligned, the stronger we are.

How we think matters.

What we eat matters.

What we drink matters.

How we feel matters.

No one is coming to save us, true.

However, we all the means to free ourselves….