Knowledge Of Self Should Empower You To Do Extraordinary Things

Are we the original or not? Do we come from greatness or not? Do we have all of this “melanin magic” or not? If so, then let’s utilize this knowledge of self to overcome any and all obstacles simultaneously manifesting the new realities we desire.

(Cover Art by IG: @iam.muse)

If we have all of this melanin and a long lineage of historical achievements then we should be able to do just about anything, right?

It’s really frustrating to hear black people claim heritage to the amazing contributions of our ancestor, talk about our supreme biological circumstance, how we are gods, then turn around and say the ‘white man’ is holding them back. Don’t get me wrong, I’m well aware there is a global system of white supremacy that aims to dominate all non-white people of the known universe. I’m saying, if we are so great, we should be able to overcome any obstacles in our way.

It was a melanated mind that began civilization, discovered the high sciences of the universe and humanity, built magnificent monuments around the world, that even taught the caucasians whom you think is holding you back how to walk upright and become civilized creatures.

Do you understand? They do what they are suppose to do, what is in their nature to do. Since they appeared on this planet about 6 or 7 thousand years ago all of their collective actions have been consistent and predictable. So why are you so surprised about the continuation of these behaviors in today’s world? If you bring a dog into your home, are you really surprised if if sh*ts on the floor?

The dirty truth is we are holding ourselves back. Instead of activating the powers of our own divine minds we base our entire consciousness off of fear. That’s why they appear to be holding you back. Fear. Rather than focusing on what we CAN do we tend to focus on what THEY’RE doing, this is a problem.

We know exactly what to expect from America and we should be responding accordingly instead of being surprised. Instead of complaining we should be implementing solutions. Rather than excuses we need execution. We are the original, we should act like it.

We are physical manifestations of the infinitely expanding creative force of the universe. We are made of the black, transmutable, life-bringing, super conductive substance of the universe called melanin. We can consciously manipulate elements of the universe at will. So it is not the caucazoid holding us back, it is us.