April 15, 2020

A Citi Tax Financial In Georgia Has Been Accused Of Stealing Stimulus Checks

People who filed taxes with a Citi Tax Financial in Augusta, Georgia become righteously outraged when they discover their stimulus check was sent to another account. The people feel scammed and cheated, the police say it’s a misunderstanding. What’s going on?

“Nationwide, tax preparers are facing similar questions from their customers. Across the country, tax businesses are being confronted by those saying the company has their stimulus money. But, according to the IRS, that is not the case. Tax preparers don’t have the money because it has not been released to them.”


“(WRDW/WAGT) — Some were expecting relief from their stimulus check today, but people who filed their taxes through a business with a history of legal complaints are worried their stimulus money was being withheld.

The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office and the IRS arrived at Citi Tax Financial to investigate, but they found no wrong-doing. And a hold-up with money may be a problem for tax preparers all over the country.

Dozens of families were here saying they got a notification their stimulus was deposited but when they looked at the account it went to, they say it was not their account. That’s why they showed up in numbers at Citi Tax.”

It’s understandable that most if not all businesses are experiencing delays or detours because of this current “pandemic”.

Realistically, with millions upon millions of people receiving a stimulus check, there’s bound to be a mistake or two.

Most people can be patient and understanding when dealing with an honest mistake.

However, this particular Citi Tax Financial in Augusta, Georgia has had a history of legal complaints and “questionable practices”. The people in the video are upset because they feel not only have they been scammed, but the police are protecting the criminals instead of the victims, even during a global crisis.