April 15, 2020

Racism Is So Bad In China Africans Need Emergency Evacuation To Stay Alive

There is currently a plan being formulated by Bobi Wine (African Politican/Musician) & Neil Nelson (Co-founder of Atlanta BlackStar) to emergency evacuate the black people in China affected by the recent forced evictions, inhumane treatment, and unbearable racism.

(Photo Credit: BBC, Some of the Africans in China that have been forced out of their homes since the Coronavirus pandemic started.)

Africans (students, travelers and long-term residents) in China have been facing extreme amounts of racism and discrimination since the coronavirus outbreak.

Even the McDonalds in China put up a sign, banning black people from entering the store. After a viral backlash McDonalds apologized for this.

In the Chinese city of Guangzhou the stigmatization, discrimination, and evictions have been most publicized, whereas this recent rise in racism may not be happening in other places in China, or it just may not be reported in other areas .

Democracynow.org reports, “African nationals in China say they face stigmatization and discrimination over the coronavirus. African immigrants in Guangzhou say they have had their passports seized, been evicted from apartments and hotel rooms, and repeatedly been tested for the coronavirus without receiving results.”

Conditions have become so inhumane that Bobi Wine (African Politician & Musician) and Neil Nelson (Co-Founder of Atlanta BlackStar) are currently working on a plan to emergency airlift the affect black people, and return them to Africa.

According to a recent report from OkayAfrica.com, “The Ugandan politician and musician has partnered with businessman Neil Nelson to airlift affected Africans and African-Americans “to a country in Africa that is willing to receive them.”