If It Wasn’t For These Two Black Men The Modern Cell Phone Would Not Exist

According to Purdue University, “On July 6, 1971, Sampson was awarded a patent with George H. Miley for the invention of the gamma-electric cell, a direct-conversion energy device that converts the energy generated from the radiation of high-energy gamma rays into electricity.

Other patents include a binder system for rocket propellants and explosives and a case-bonding system for cast-composite rocket propellants, both related to the manufacturing and production of solid-propellant rocket motors.”

When And How Jesse Eugene Russell Invented The Digital Mobile Phone

Libertywritersafrica.com reports, “Jesse Eugene Russell created the concept for the wireless digital phone and communication, while he was working as an engineer at AT&T-Bell Laboratories in 1988. He developed the world’s first digital cellular base station and holds the patent to the digital services which many companies of the world use today. 

Before Russell invented the wireless mobile device, the mobile devices available were mainly used in cars or in other vehicles. This was mainly because the mobile devices needed the power to be able to transmit signals to a cell tower. And that point the power needed to drive a mobile phone was too much to fit into a wireless movable device.

It was Russell’s ingenuity and creation of the mobile device that made it possible for mobile phones to be handy and affordable today. His innovation made it possible for mobile devices to transmit signals between the handsets we use today, and the cell phone towers.”