April 25, 2020

What Happened To Young Pharaoh? Is He A Trump Supporter Now?

Young Pharoah went from being a rising young Black Scholar who celebrated Black History and Black People to now becoming a cheerleader for the Trump administration and other pro Eurocentric agendas. What happened?


Some of the new people that Young Pharaoh have pissed off may not have seen some his old content. The brotha used to go in.

Some people think he’s always been on this Trump supporting kick, well that’s not true.

He used to openly denounce Trump, go check out some of the videos on Young Pharaoh’s page from when Trump was first elected. Definitely contradicts EVERYTHING he says about Trump now.

I have a theory about why this shift happened.

I remember a while back watching Young Pharoah stressing out in every video about how YouTube kept demonetizing his channel for extended periods of time.


Too make a long story short, apparently YouTube had a problem with all that black stuff he talked about.

There’s must came a point where he had to make a decision: continue making pro-black content and no longer qualify for YouTube income, or keep the money flowing by adjusting the platform to satisfy the white people who were flagging his content before.

As it turns out, becoming an open Trump Supporter has been paying off for Young Pharaoh. If you’re watching one of his live streams look at the continuous large donations he receives, he wasn’t getting that kind of support when he was emphasizing that “the black woman is god”.

It is sad to see such a brilliant young black mind decide to submit to the system of white supremacy for financial gains, as opposed to speak truth to power, empower melanated minds and fight the racist powers that be – like he use to.