May 3, 2020

Alexander The Great Became Powerful After Meeting With An Egyptian Oracle Head

Cover Photo: Alexander The Great

“After this meeting, Alexander felt empowered to take on the world.”

According to Dr. Sujan Kumar Dass in Black People Invented Everything – The Deep History of Indigenous Creativity:

“Ancient Egypt, at a time of Greek rule – after much of the indigenous culture of the early dynasties had been repressed or forced into exile – still held some amazing treasures. Some of these were said to be the first “oracle heads.” These were the original “fortune teller robots.”

Such a device, known to later Europeans as a “brazen head” carried the spirit of a divine being, and could answer as if they were still alive. This is the first recorded instance of life-preservation technology, long before white folks considered uploading one’s consciousness into a digital device (which is what they’re working on now). Is this how the Egyptians sought to return to the world? Through the devices they hid away? I just wonder if the looter really knew what they took! Well, no need to wonder, because when Egypt came under Greek rule, they most certainly learned of such amazing creations!

It’s actually very well-documented that Alexander the Great made his only non-military expedition to sojourn into Africa in search of the Temple of Zeus-Ammon, the last refuge for descendants of that cult, which had once been popular in Libya and the Aegean.

Alexander sought out the oracle head of Zeus-Ammon, who he con- sidered his “divine father.” He asked several questions (we don’t know
what), and the head replied. After this meeting, Alexander felt empowered to take on the world. From here on, such oracle heads were found throughout the Greco-Roman world, most likely looted from the temples and vaults of the ancient Egyptians.”