The Entire Meat Industry Has Been “Contaminated”, Still Want That Burger?

So you won’t go in public without a mask, but you will eat contaminated meat that comes from contaminated processing facilities whom are encouraged to stay open by the Government despite health risks? Got it.

While I was in the grocery store yesterday grabbing a few items, I noticed a group of people with masks on huddled over by the meat section.

I thought to myself, if you are fearful of catching a virus from the normal people you come across everyday then shouldn’t you also be equally worried that your meat (which is already pumped with chemicals) has been thoroughly contaminated by the time it has gotten to you?

Well if you are a meat eater, you should be aware of this reality.

In a report from U.S News & World Report (

“Thousands of U.S. workers in meat processing plants have been infected with the coronavirus, and at least 20 have died, new data from the federal government shows.

Roughly half a million people work in the nation’s meat processing industry, and crowded and unsanitary conditions have prompted concerns about worker safety during the coronavirus pandemic. As of April 27, 4,913 meat and poultry plant workers in 115 plants in 19 states had been diagnosed with COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, and 20 people had died, according to the report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In 17 states that provided data on how many workers were employed at affected facilities, 3% of more than 130,000 workers were diagnosed with COVID-19, researchers found. 

The total number of infections is likely an undercount, as the report notes some states with industry-related COVID-19 cases did not share their data. Testing strategies that differ by area also affect how many infected workers are identified, meaning the data “should not be interpreted as the prevalence of infection for all meat and poultry facility workers,” the report says.”

Below are more sources that expose the massive contamination of the meat industry.

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