Here’s Over 160 Things Invented By Black People In America And Around The World…

“At the foundation of civilization is the melanated mind, just about everything you see around you was either inspired by, invented by, or originated by a Black man or woman. Although, many try to conceal or ignore this undeniable truth, books like Black People Invented Everything by Dr. Sujan Kumar Dass (Supreme Understanding) expose “the deep history of Indigenous creativity”.

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Over 160 Inventions By Black Americans

(Source: Black People Invented Everything by Dr. Sujan Kumar Dass)

  • Accurate Weather Forecasting
  • Air Conditioner. Patent #2475841
  • Air Ship
  • Airplane Propelling
  • Train Auto Cut-Off Switch
  • Auto Fishing Device
  • Automatic Car Coupling Device
  • Automatic Gear Shift
  • Automatic Lubrication System (Rail/Heavy Machinery)
  • Automatic Shoe Making Machine
  • Automatic Traffic Light
  • Baby Buggy
  • Bailing Press. Patent #632,539
  • Bicycle Frame
  • Biscuit Cutter
  • Blood Plasma Bag
  • Bridle bit. Patent #484,994
  • Cabinet Bed
  • Caps For Bottles And Jars
  • Casket-Lowering Device. Patent #529,311
  • Cattle Roping Apparatus
  • Cellular Phone
  • Chemical compound to preserve meat
  • Churn. Patent #466,470
  • Cigarette Roller
  • Clock, Almanac
  • Clothes Dryer
  • Clothes Wringer
  • Combined Furrow Opener and Stalk-Knocker.
  • Convertible Sette (A Large Sofa)
  • Corn Silker
  • Corner Cleaner Attachment.
  • Cotton Chopper. Patent #520,888
  • Cultivator and Marker. Patent #517,961
  • Curtain Rod
  • Curtain Rod Support
  • Dinner Pail. Patent #356,852
  • Discovered compound in cannabis for glaucoma.
  • Door Stop
  • Dough Kneader and Roller. Patent #304,552
  • Dust Pan
  • Egg Beater
  • Electric Lampbulb
  • Electric Railway Trolley
  • Elevator and safety device for elevators.
  • Exhaust Purifier Patent #3,378,241
  • Eye Protector
  • Fabrication of Spectrometer. #4,618,380
  • Fertilizer Distributor. Patent #520,889
  • Fire Escape Bracket. Patent #596,427
  • Fire Escape Ladder
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Folding Bed
  • Folding Chair
  • Fountain Pen
  • Furniture Caster
  • Galoshes
  • Gas Burner
  • Gas Mask
  • Golf Tee Patent #638,920
  • Guitar
  • Hair Brush
  • Hair Care Products
  • Hand Stamp
  • Heating Furnace
  • Helicopter Technology
  • Horse Shoe
  • Hot Comb
  • Hyperball Computer
  • Ice cream
  • Ice Cream Scooper. Patent #576,395
  • Improved Vending Machine. Patent #1936515
  • Improved Fish Hook. (Sold later for $625)
  • Improved Petroleum Recovery
  • Improvement to military guns
  • Insect-Destroyer Gun
  • Invalid Cot. Patent #629,658
  • Blood Banks
  • Ironing Board
  • Key Chain
  • Kitchen Table
  • Lantern
  • Lawn Mower
  • Lawn Sprinkler. Patent #581,785
  • Lemon Squeezer
  • Letter Drop Mailbox. Patent #462,096
  • Lifesaving guards for Street Cars
  • Light Bulb Filament
  • Lock
  • Locomotive smoke stack. Patent #115,153
  • Lubricating Cup
  • Lunch Pail
  • Machine for Cleaning Seed Cotton
  • Mail Box
  • Mechanical Corn Harvester
  • Mechanical Seed Planter
  • Medicine Tray
  • Mop
  • Motor
  • Multiplex Telegraph Messaging System for Trains
  • Nursery Chair
  • Ore Bucket. Patent #603,143
  • Package-Park (Solves Package Delivery Dilemma)
  • Parker Pulverizer Screw for Tobacco Presses
  • Pastry fork
  • Gridiron
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Performed First Open Heart Surgery
  • Permanent hair wave machine. #1693515
  • Planter. Patent #520,887
  • Portable Fire Escape. Patent #440,322
  • Portable Receptacle
  • Portable Weighing Scales. Patent #570,533
  • Portable X-Ray Machine
  • Postmarking and Canceling machine
  • Programmable Remote Control
  • Rail Car Coupling Patent #157,370
  • Rail Tresle. Patent #390,753
  • Railway Air Brakes
  • Railway Switching Device Patent #636,197
  • Range Oven
  • Razor Stropping Device. Patent #554,867
  • Record Player Arm
  • Refining of coconut oil
  • Refrigerator. Patent #304,552
  • Riding Saddles
  • Rolling Pin
  • Sailing Apparatus
  • Security System. Patent #3,482,037
  • Self Leveling table. Patent #613,436
  • Self-setting animal trap. Patent #246,369
  • Shampoo Headrest
  • Ship’s propeller
  • Space shuttle arm used to capture satellites
  • Spark Plug
  • Spring seat for chairs. Patent #380,420
  • Starter Generator. Patent #2475842
  • Steam Boiler/Radiator
  • Steam Table
  • Stove
  • Straightening Comb
  • Street Sweeper
  • Sugar Refining System
  • Supercharge System for Combustion Engine
  • Telephone (superior to Bell’s)
  • The Advance Printing Press
  • The Fountain Pen Patent #419,065
  • The Fruit Press
  • Thermostat Control
  • Third Rail (Subway)
  • Ticket Dispensing Machine. Patent #2163754
  • Toggle Harpoon (revolutionized whaling industry)
  • Toilet
  • Train alarm. Patent #157,370
  • Tricycle
  • Trolley Car
  • Two-Cycle gasoline Engine. Patent #2523273
  • Typewriter
  • 300+ products made from peanuts, 118 from the sweet potato, 75 from the pecan, hundreds more
  • Window Cleaner
  • Window Ventilator for Railroad Cars
  • Wire Type Precision Resistor
  • Wood Toys. Patent #2,529,692
  • World’s Fastest Computer
  • Wrench (the “Monkey” Wrench)

More Things Invented By Black People Around The World

“When you look at the collective effort of melanated minds you will see that Black people did invent everything indeed. I mean would you expect anything less of the Original people?

If Black people are the “Original” humans, the archetype of humanity, then it makes perfect sense how you will see melanated minds at the origin of everything: agriculture, animal breeding, architecture, art, astronomy, business and trade, cash and currency, ceramics, clothing, dance, economics, healthcare, housing, jewelry, mail, mathematics, medicine, metalworking, mining, music, pottery, science, shoes, spoken language, sports, technology, and written language.”

Full article: Black People Invented Everything: The Melanated Mind Is The Foundation Of All Things

Black People Invented Agriculture

“Black people pioneered the science of agriculture over 30,000 years ago in Central Africa, and were farming major crops throughout the world at least 10,000 years ago. Black civilizations in the Nile Valley, the Near East, and East Asia raced to improve their agricultural abili- ties, so they could provide their populations with the best grains and crops.”

Black People Invented Everything by Dr. Sujan Kumar Dass

Black People Invented Architecture

“Black people designed massive works of architectural prowess over 5,000 years ago, nearly everywhere in the world. For example, there are pyramids in Egypt, the Sudan, West Africa, Southern Europe, China, the South Pacific, and the Americas. Even sciences like acoustics were originally used by Black communities to produce the world’s oldest music halls, ceremonial centers, and monuments more than 10,000 years ago in the Nile Valley and other sites across the world.”

Black People Invented Everything by Dr. Sujan Kumar Dass

Black People Invented Astronomy

“Long before the Moors revived the study of the stars, the ancient world celebrated Black astronomers who calculated the movements of the heavens. In Nabta Playa, near the Nile Valley, there are megalithic stone monuments dating back over 10,000 years. They map out our galaxy!”

Black People Invented Everything by Dr. Sujan Kumar Dass

Black People Invented Mathematics

“Both our numerals and mathematics itself (from basic arithmetic to more advanced concepts like algebra) can be traced back to Black minds. The oldest mathematical artifacts are found in Africa and date back to at least 70,000 years ago. Our numerals themselves either come from ancient India or Egypt.”

Black People Invented Everything by Dr. Sujan Kumar Dass

Black People Invented Technology

“Black people created the world’s first technology over 1.5 million years ago in East Africa. The tools they made were simple but effective, and were made according to very specific standards and traditions. Tool- making was thus one of the world’s first “industries.””

Black People Invented Everything by Dr. Sujan Kumar Dass