Virginia Teen Dies After Summoning Ancient Haitian VooDoo Deity Papa Legba

Truth Or Fiction? (Summary)

“In late April and early May 2020, rumors Kat Restin “died of an anxiety attack” after a misguided attempt to “summon Papa Legba” circulated, additional rumors claimed Restin endeavored to “hex” her black girlfriend. Restin died on April 19 2020 in Virginia Beach, no cause of death was disclosed, and she left behind a five-month-old daughter. Rumors of a paranormal cause of death for Restin appeared to have been patched together from a March 27 2020 tweet about her “girlfriend,” and a tweet on March 29 2020 depicting her burning a doll with human hair attached (“doll baby.”) A self-identified friend shared what they claimed was information they received psychically about her practices after her death, but that person did not claim Restin tried to summon any spirit or entity. In the ensuing controversy, practitioners of that religion pointed out that the rumors were disrespectful to the Loa, characterizing those spirits as having human motivations. Despite this, the rumors continue.”


The Viral Post From “Kat Restin”

“Let people live and have their own religion. If someone is into something different accept that. Stop saying “no you come from God” I’m Wiccan and I always will be so shut the fuck up and let me be…” (@katrestin)

The Philly Bruja Breaks Down What Happened