If Black People In America Don’t Unite White Supremacists Will Continue To Murder Us One By One

If you live in America, and you have melanin, there is a large demographic of genetically recessive people that want you dead. They have the moral and financial support of the American government and justice system. If we don’t work together we will be picked off one by one. Why not join forces against a common enemy?

At this point, who gives a sh*t about your religion or belief system. Like Malcolm said, put that to the side so we can connect on a general level for the survival of the collective.

The reality is, no matter what you call yourself, in America, you “black”. The preacher, the bum, the scientist, the rich man, the athlete, the revolutionary…. the melanated ones are viewed as just a bunch of worthless n*ggas to America.

We have to look out for each other.

If not, heartbreaking stories like that of Ahmaud Arbery will continue to happen everyday. White people will continue to kill us at will with little to no consequences.

It’s 2020, and it took Georgia 2 months to arrest Arbery’s murderers, EVEN THOUGH THEY DID IT ON CAMERA. They are killing us in high definition just to brag, just to say “I did it, and what, what the f*ck are you going to do about it“?

If we don’t unite we will all die at the hands of these murderous devils.

This is about survival of the fittest. If we can’t love ourselves and each other then we aren’t fit for survival.

I LOVE YOU BLACK PEOPLE. I BELIEVE IN YOU. I BELIEVE IN US. The melanated mind is the foundation of all things and we have the infinite power of the universe within us.

It’s time eradicate the spirit of fear and replace it with a foundation of knowledge, wisdom, understanding. It’s time to tap into the power within, that “melanin magic” we talk about so much. It’s time to remind the uncivilized who the Original man is. It’s time for our love of ourselves and our people to inspire immediate solutions to the circumstances we face, because if we don’t what we love will be gone forever…

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