The Established Order Is Falling, Will You Fear The Chaos? Or Become It?

People are afraid.

Afraid of losing their jobs. Afraid of not finding another job after they’ve lost their old one. Afraid of their businesses failing. Afraid of their long-term investments losing value and relevance. Afraid of catching the virus. Afraid of their families catching the virus. Afraid no stimulus is coming. Afraid that this is the end of the old world, and a beginning of a new one.

To the melanated minds out there, why be afraid? Is this not what you asked for? Is this not what you’ve prayed for? Is this not what the “ancestors” asked for? America, and every country who’s the adopted the American way, is on the bring of collapse.

Industries built on scams and schemes do not have the foundation to survive a crisis like this. Much of the recent wealth gained from mischievous practices inspired by American capitalism is fading away. Many of these companies were not prepared to be exposed. Now millions of people around the world who thought they were an essential part of the company are realizing how disposable they really are. Not only that, but in the face of a global crisis, people are realizing the company they’ve worked so hard for has no intention on ever returning the effort in a time of incredible need.

The system didn’t just break. It’s been broken. People who’ve been poor already know this. The rest of you have been receiving enough comfort, trinkets, and distractions that it was easy for to over look the wickedness. Now that the white man has kicked you out of your office chair and luxury lifestyle you want to notice injustice. Shame on you.

The entire system was built on the blood of millions upon millions of melanated people, from all over the world. There is nowhere on the planet where the system of white supremacy has not tried to control, convert, or claim. The disease of Eurocentric (Western) philosophy has spread around the globe.

Although many melanated minds have abandoned their own consciousness to pursue the illusion of the American Dream, few have considered the gruesome reality behind the white mans riches until it’s too late.

Do you see it now? The meat and industry is collapsing, workers are dropping like flies and animals are being secretly murdered by desperate farmers to cut cost on animal feed during this crisis. The financial markets are hanging on by a thread, any more bad news could since the stock market into and unstoppable free fall. The rivers, lakes, and oceans are destroyed from oil drilling, mining and other environmental exploits. Millions now have no place to work and no way to provide for themselves.

This chaos is the consequences of the global system of white supremacy.

When profits are more important than human life and the environment this is what happens. When the majority of the planet’s wealth is in the hands of a few genetically deficient old white guy’s this is what happens. When entire industries are benefitting off of the suffering and misfortune of millions of people this is what happens. When you build an entire country on a system of slavery and racism but never seek to “make things right” this is what happens. When you ignore the voice of the people this is what happens.


This chaos is the end of their world, and the beginning of ours.

So I tell you, rejoice when the darkness comes, because in that darkness is where we will find our brightest light.

Don’t fear the chaos, become it.

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