What Happened In Minneapolis Will Happen Everywhere In America If Black People Can’t Get Justice, Freedom, And Equality

Black people are the most patient people on planet earth.

We’ve waited 400 plus years for white america to view us as human beings.

We’ve waited 400 plus years for white america to stop murdering us.

We’ve waited 400 plus years for white america to discover a consciousness and display humanity to us.

We’ve waited for the court systems to produce to justice.

We’ve waited for the police to arrest the racist white supremacists murderers of our people.

We’ve sacrificed our own integrity and pride to fit into white america’s world.

We’ve forgiven white america for murdering our people even before they were buried.

We’ve marched, cried, begged, pleaded, and prayed, all for nothing.

A man poses for a photo in the parking lot of an AutoZone store in flames, while protesters hold a rally for George Floyd in Minneapolis on Wednesday, May 27, 2020.

We’ve made excuse after excuse for white america’s persistent micro aggressions against us.

We’ve given white america the benefit of the doubt, assuming that no group of human beings could truly be that evil.

What else does white america expect from black people? We’ve tried every possible non-violent option that exists only to be met with death from the blood-thirsty devils who created and manage this murderous system.

America has pushed black people to this point. Black people in America realize that white america does not have a consciousness, and the system of white supremacy will not stop murdering us until we make them feel the pain we feel. They won’t stop until they realize we will defend ourselves and our families by any means necessary and that every attack on us from them will be met with overwhelming righteous retaliation.

America deserves what it’s got coming.

America is receiving the hate that it’s given to us for over 400 years.

Our lives will matter to them when every time one or more of those racist white supremacist terrorist murder one of us, a situation like what’s going on in Minneapolis happens all over again.