Black People Across America Need To Unite And Organize By Any Means Necessary

Protesting has its place but it is an initiating process not a development or completion process. Meaning, it brings awareness not change but not necessarily change.

Words didn’t spread this now global protest, fire did. Fire from our soul, and fire in real life. They never heard the words, but they felt the fire.

Everyone is aware that the American justice system is and always has been completely racist and most American police are terrorists that have an insatiable craving to spill the blood of melanated people.

My question is, knowing that, why would you expose yourself and your plans to your enemy? If they want to kill black men so bad, why should an unarmed black man go to his enemy unprepared for war?

Some of y’all think this protest sh*t is cute, this is not a game. Want to make change? Want make the police stop killing black men? Then black people need to unite and strategize like soldiers, not like angry little boys.

Do you want to “express yourself” or do you want to be free from white supremacy? Look at what the original crips and bloods did, that’s what we need now. Protect ourselves, police ourselves and move as one.

Going to your enemy unarmed begging for peace never changed shit for black people in America. It’s unintelligent. It gives them an opportunity to f*ck you up and learn your plans while you have no means to retaliate effectively. Are you a protestor or a soldier? You want to freestyle this or you want to organize actions to create change? 

Obviously we can win this thing, the past few days have shown that. But when everything is burned down and broken someone has to build a new world, a better world. That someone is us. Building requires knowledge, planning and preparation.

Our enemy is armed and organized, we should be too. If not, the oppressor will never stop and the oppressed will continue to die with our “hands up”. Don’t be the sheep, be the wolf.

The president of the United States already said he wants to kill us. 

All I’m saying is realize what we’re up against and don’t be foolishly unprepared for the change you say you want to make happen.

Below is a general template I’ve prepared that provides what I believe to be 7 keys for the liberation of Black People in America.

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