Black Power: 7 Keys For The Complete Liberation Of Black People In America

We, the Black people in America as well as all of the melanated people of planet earth, have a human right to live in peace, power, and abundance. We intend to fulfill our destiny to live as free human beings on this earth, in this day, and we will continue to strive for our freedom, bringing it into existence by any means necessary.

What we want. What we need. What we believe.

  1. We want freedom, in this lifetime, from the system of white supremacy to live as free human beings on planet earth.
  2. We want access to the resources needed for black people to build and grow black businesses, while simultaneously providing employment and opportunities for the entire black community.
  3. We want education for black people that teaches us our true history, our true biological circumstance, and empowers black people to thrive and be successful in today’s world.
  4. We want an immediate end to institutional racism and police brutality.
  5. We want every black person currently imprisoned in the jails and prison system to have their case reviewed by a judge and jury of their black community.
  6. We want land and resources to build our own cities and communities separate and apart from the authority and jurisdiction of the current system of white supremacy operating in the United States of America.
  7. We want justice, freedom, and equality for all the melanated peoples in America and around the world.

Please share this information on all social media platforms so all of our people nationwide have access to a basic template of demands and guidelines that will bring about immediate change and liberation for black people from this system of racism and white supremacy. It’s important to protest with a purpose and be able to explain exactly what it is we need and want. If we leave it up to our oppressors to make these decisions we will continue to be unsatisfied, as we have been. It is time to bring our freedom into existence.