White Provocateurs Are Causing Destruction And Inciting Violence At Otherwise Peaceful Black Lives Matter Protests

This is why white people should not been directing a “Black Lives Matter” protest. They can come, they can show support, but from the back of the bus.

This is the time for black voices to be heard. If white people are leading the charge or sabotaging the protests then their presence is counter productive.

Like this man here, a photograph taken by a witness shows Timothy O’Donnell handling the gas tank of a police vehicle (preparing to set it on fire). In another photo, he appears to be sitting on the ground, against a lamp post, wearing the Joker mask, rolling a cigarette while the police vehicle burns.

There are instances where peaceful black protesters are begging white people to stop the destruction and looting.

‘When you do that, they don’t come after you. They’ll come after us.’ — Black activists protesting peacefully for George Floyd are begging white people to stop looting and destroying public property during demonstrations. (NowThis News)

On May 30th Mikel Jollett (@Mikel_Jollett) tweets, “If you are a white person at a rally, use your privilege to protect black protestors from cops (they see you differently) and amplify the voices of black people.


The media and the government will invariably blame the peaceful black protestors for it.”

Black protestor caught two white protestors tagging Starbucks.

In other places like Oakland and Minneapolis groups of white protestors, some wearing all black, are seen inciting riots, causing violence, and looting.