Police Are Tracking Protesters With High-Tech Facial Recognition Technologies

Protesters in America have been tracked by the Police Departments and the Federal Government. Although it may be a surprised to some, many already are aware of how the American Government has been and continues to invade the privacy of it’s citizens.

This has been going on long before the protests and the pandemic.

Peaceful or otherwise, apparently all have been recorded in some way shape or form by the high-tech surveillance technologies accessible to the police and the government.

CNBC reports, “As hundreds of thousands joined protests against systemic racism and police brutality, law enforcers used powerful surveillance tools to track them. Drones flew over protests in Minneapolis and New York. Facial recognition software is being used with some police body cameras. Law enforcement can use signals from your cellphone or automatic license plate readers to follow your movements.”

This is why it’s important to conceal your identity while protesting in the streets. Unfortunately, even that is not enough nowadays. They can find out who you are and the rest of your information from intercepting your cell phone’s signal.

According to CNN, “CNN tracked several airplanes that flew over protests in Washington, Minneapolis and Las Vegas. Government watchdogs fear the planes were used to track protesters and perhaps capture cell phone data.”

Just know that whether you are at home sitting on your couch or out in the streets protesting fully concealed you are being identified, watched, and tracked by the police and government.