June 23, 2020

Upcoming Film “Cracka” Shows Black People As Slave Owners, Whites As Slaves

Dale Restighini’s upcoming movie series, “Cracka” tells the story of a white supremacist that ends up in an alternate reality where Black people are slave owners and white people are the slaves. The series is set to release in fall of 2020.

This movie series is already sending white people into a frenzy. Ironically, the director Dale Restighini is in fact a caucasian male.

The climate of global protests and resistance against the system of white supremacy has set the stage for a movie like “Cracka” to take off like wildfire.

With only a minute and half trailer to go by it’s impossible to give a full review, however I definitely want to see how this plays out. Black slave masters? White slaves? Making white supremacy submit to the original people of the planet? This movie is definitely going to be controversial.

The imagery of a complete role reversal is unconformtable for most caucasians, obviously not for Dale.

Even so, I’m sure as this series gets closer to being released there will be more cries from Karen’s and Bob’s who are worried this show might incite a righteous retaliation from the melanated peoples currently oppressed by the system of white supremacy. Those same people complaining and crying don’t give a damn about black people or black life in general, their only concern is maintaining white supremacy.

We’ll see if this series can follow through and deliver. There’s certainly a lot of hype about it. “Cracka” is set to release in the fall of 2020.