Milwaukee Community Saves Missing Black Girls From Sex Trafficking House, Police Refused To Help

Bruce C.T. Wright from reports:

“A pair of Black girls missing for days from Milwaukee was found by a search party of residents who banded together after police decided against issuing child abduction emergency alerts for them, according to reports across social media reports and from local media. It all unfolded against the backdrop of an alleged child sex trafficking ring the girls’ relatives suspected they could have been taken to be a part of.”

PHOTO: Tydrianna, Gilbreanna

The article goes on to say, “A local photographer identified as Amanda Schlicher Press offered her own account of the case, which culminated in the reported safe rescue of the girls on Tuesday night. She painted a picture of racist policing that worked to serve a particular self-serving agenda. Press said one of the missing girls’ mothers tracked her daughter’s phone to a house and alerted police about it, but the authorities never responded. That prompted a search party of civilians to get to work.”

Report Culminated By Amanda Schlicher Press Posted To Facebook

Sex Traffickers Van Set On Fire

The Urban Milwaukee reports on the suspected sex traffickers van and house being set on fire:

“A crowd formed, many attempting to defuse the situation including State Representative Jonathan Brostoff, and Nitty [Frank Nitty, Community Organizer] walked around the scene attempting to explain what had happened to a Facebook audience that eventually swelled to over 40,000 viewers.“The community thought there was missing kids at this house,” said Nitty of the home just north of Washington Park. He said one child was placed into a car, but then ran away.

Not long after this, at the back of the house, a fire was spotted in the alley. Shortly thereafter police moved to address that situation and a crowd gathered around the gold van parked behind the house and at least one individual set it on fire. Then the house was started on fire.

“This is stupid because all of the evidence is in the house,” said Nitty. He and others said a pair of “bloody” shorts were found in the van earlier.

The fire in the van and home soon grew into a roaring blaze and police returned to the scene in force to create a perimeter. Gas canisters were used to clear the street, and during the commotion, while Nitty was trying to get someone medical attention, an individual was spotted firing a gun at a moving vehicle.”