June 25, 2020

Justice For Elijah McClain: Over 2 Million People Sign Petition And Force Governor To Reexamine The Case

Almost One Year Later, Police Are Pressured To Reexamine The Death Of A 23-Year Old Black Man, Elijah McClain, Who Died After Encounter With Colorado Police Whom Since Have NOT Been Charged With Murder.

PHOTO: AURORA, CO - OCT. 1, LaWayne Mosley, left, father of Elijah McClain, speaks during a press conference in front of the Aurora Municipal Center October 01, 2019. Family, friends, legal counsel, local pastors and community organizers were calling for justice for the officer-involved death of his son Elijah McClain in front of the Aurora Municipal Center October 01, 2019. Elijah was confronted by Aurora police officers in a 911 complaint August 24, 2019, a violent struggle ensued, Elijah became unconscious in the the struggle. While being transported to a hospital, he had a cardiac arrest. Elijah McClain died August 30th, 2019 after he was taken off life support. (Photo by Andy Cross/MediaNewsGroup/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

(CNN) – “A recent social media outcry demanding Colorado officials launch an independent investigation into the 2019 death of a 23-year-old Black man in police custody has prompted Gov. Jared Polis to announce his administration will reexamine the case. In a series of tweets Wednesday, Polis wrote, “a fair and objective process free from real or perceived bias for investigating officer-involved killings is critical.” Polis added that he is having lawyers “examine what the state can do and we are assessing next steps.” 

The announcement came after more than 2 million people signed a petition urging officials to conduct a new investigation into the death of Elijah McClain, who died after police officers from the Denver suburb Aurora put him in a chokehold. McClain’s death is one of several cases to receive renewed scrutiny following the police killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and others in incidents sparking massive protests across the country.”

Elijah McClain’s Petition For Justice On Change.org

PHOTO: Change.org

What Happened To Elijah McClain?

(TheCut) – “Last August, police officers in Aurora, Colorado, approached 23-year-old Elijah McClain as he walked home from a convenience store. The Aurora Police Department later said that a 911 caller had reported a “suspicious person” in a ski mask, and that when officers confronted McClain — who was not armed and had not committed any kind of crime — he “resisted arrest.” In the 15 minutes that followed, the officers tackled McClain to the ground, put him in a carotid hold, and called first responders, who injected him with ketamine. He had a heart attack on the way to the hospital, and died days later, after he was declared brain dead.

McClain’s family maintains that law enforcement’s use of excessive force led to his death. The officers, however, were subsequently cleared of wrongdoing, apparently on the basis of questionable body-camera footage and an allegedly inconclusive autopsy. McClain’s case has attracted renewed scrutiny amid national protests against systemic racism and the deadly tactics that police often deploy against Black people.”