June 27, 2020

Massive Dust Storm From Africa Is On Track To Consume America Anytime Now

According to a recent NASA report, “Dust storms from Africa’s Saharan Desert traveling across the Atlantic Ocean are nothing new, but the current dust storm has been quite expansive…”. Colin Seftor, an atmospheric scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, MD. adds, “Also, if you look off the coast of Africa you can see yet another large cloud coming off the continent, continuing to feed the long chain of dust traveling across the Atlantic.”

According to many sources, today is the day America will begin to be exposed to a massive dust storm from North Africa.

Apparently, this phenomena is not a new thing, it happens every year.

However, this time, the dust storm is much larger and powerful than “experts” ever imagined. Nobody seems to have a solid explanation to WHY this year’s dust storm is so phenomenal.

ABC7 News reports, “The Saharan dust will overtake entire states.”

The dust storm has already reached Texas and Louisiana.

The dust storm has also reached the Caribbean as well.

Personally, I think there is an obvious correlation between the fact there is an unprecedented dust storm coming from North Africa almost directly to North America. Also that the arctic is literally on fire, among other emerging strange earthly events of late.

It is my stance that the planet is reacting to the circumstance of the original people, ‘hue’-mans, the same way a mother reacts to protect her child.

Mankind, the non-melanated descendants of caucasus cave dwellers and neanderthals, has brutalized and tortured the original melanated people’s of this planet to no end. Modern science proves to you that humans in fact do have interconnected relationship with the earth.

We feel it, it feels us.

Knowing that science, it’s not surprising that more and more chaotic storms and unique environment related phenomena are happening every moment.

Every single day millions, if not billions, of melanated people around the world are in danger of being consumed by the virus of this planet, the system of white supremacy. Cries, screams and prayers demanding justice, freedom, and equality fill the universe every single day. That energy might be ignored by America and “the system”, but it is not ignored by the planet and the universe.