You Can Either Be A Victim Or Be The Change You Want To See In The World

“I Am No Longer Accepting The Things I Cannot Change. I Am Changing The Things I Cannot Accept.”

Angela Davis

Are you willing to change the things you can not accept?

Millions, perhaps billions of people around the world have decided they are willing and able to manifest a real change in the world, despite how much things look like they won’t change.

Personally, I think actively analyzing a circumstance, regardless of what it is, to develop effective methods to achieve your goal is MUCH more revolutionary than ‘changing what you can’ and hoping for the best.

Change in society happens when the people whom are oppressed get tired of being sick and tired. The oppressor will never make the appropriate changes to “fix” society, they will only stall the inevitable revolution with meaningless gestures and worthless promises.

The people who’ve suffered most in an oppressive system, such as black people in america, are finally realizing that things won’t change unless WE make them change. The refusal to accept oppression and brutality is revolutionary in itself.

In today’s world, the necessity for liberation outweighs the potential consequences that come with fighting the powers that be. As a result, fear and doubt are evaporating and all that remains is the desire to be free.

We are no longer accepting the things we cannot change, we are changing the things we cannot accept.

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