June 30, 2020

David Banner’s New Song “Burn” Is An Anthem For Black Liberation In America

“Tell the Pastor he can’t tell me sh*t, we gon’ burn this b*tch. F*ck these crackas and they fuckin flag, raise yo black fist.” – David Banner

David Banner recently released a new song called “Burn” that unapologetically speaks to the passion, sentiment and vibes of Black America during these days of relentless protests and inevitable uprisings.

“Burn” features a plethora of artists such as Pastor Troy, CyHi The Prynce, Noochie, Ras Kass and Torae.

If there is ever a Django 2, this should be on the soundtrack. I heard the snippet a few weeks back, but I finally got around to hearing the full song and I haven’t stop listening ever since.

“Momma crying in the kitchen, I ain’t marching with no christians. Tell the preacher if he coming bring a f*ckin’ pistol with him. I’m sick of prayers and good wishes from you p*ssy ass rappers, you a gangsta in the hood but you scared of these crackas.”

David Banner

That quote up above says a whole lot in and of it self.

To me he is saying: ‘due to the extreme pain felt by my most precious and loved family members I am beyond protesting peacefully and/or entertaining the idea that a mystery god will somehow improve my oppressed circumstance that requires immediate attention and action. If the religious people would like to come and be a part of the revolution that’s fine, however, they need to keep the Bible at home and bring a weapon to put the real life Devil ‘way down in the hole’. Also, it is noticeable and disappointing that the “gangsta” rappers in the industry who brag about how many black people they’ve killed and black women they’ve done wrong have not shown half as much aggression or disrespect to the white people who’ve historically oppressed them and mistreat them everyday. They won’t be a “gangsta” when they white man shows up, all of the tough talk disappears then. That’s what I got from those bars.

Some rappers have recently hopped on the revolutionary train because it’s trendy, but David Banner been droppin’ knowledge and Black Power for many years.

Not only that, but Banner hasn’t watered down his raw expression. Banner’s been knowing for saying what needs to be said, how it needs to be said without ever losing style or sight of the need to promote and manifest black liberation in America, and around the world.

People who don’t understand the nature of the pain and frustration experienced by Black America will be disturbed by the aggressive and offensive approach of this song. Why? Those same people will be more worried about the lyrics of this song rather than the systemic oppression and centuries of white domestic terrorism that initially created the ultimatum of “be a good slave so white folks won’t kill you” or “their never going to stop killing us, so let’s burn this b*tch down and get free.”