June 30, 2020

Eyewitness Records Alleged Wastewater Being Flushed Into Ocean From Acapulco Coastline

An eyewitness records a video of alleged wastewater being flushed from the coastline of Acapulco bay (Mexico), for about 25 minutes, into the Pacific Ocean.

The anonymous eyewitness told Reuters, “The constant outflow of black water lasted approximately 25 minutes, which came with a lot of pressure. They were very stinking waters, they made me nauseous”.

Although it obviously looks and apparently smells like contaminated waters pouring into ocean, the government in Acapulco denies that it is related in any way to the city’s sewage or drainage system. According to Yahoo News, “the Guerrero State Government where Acapulco is located posted a video on Facebook denying that the water was part of the drainage system or a rupture of a sewage tank.”