Ice Cube’s “Contract With Black America” Provides Solutions To America’s Problem Of Systematic Racism And White Supremacy

The first section is about Opportunities and Representation. Here are the key points:

  • Reparations – Establish a commission to determine how funds are distributed, and actually distribute those funds within one year of the commission being established.
  • Affirmative Action For Schools – Black enrollment in secondary schools, colleges, universities must meet or exceed national black population percentage, 13.4%
  • Mandatory Civil Rights Classes In Elementary Schools – The curriculum and textbooks used in those classes are to be written by black scholars.
  • Black Representation On All Government Civil Rights Investigative Bodies
  • “Reform Gerrymandering” – the practice of creating districts that minimize the influence of the black vote should be eradicated.
  • More Polling Sites In Black Communities To Ensure Equal Access – a failure to do so goes against the 1965 Voters Rights Act.
  • Make “Juneteenth” A Federal Holiday
  • Equal Healthcare Facilities In All Neighborhoods

The second section talks about Massive Bank Lending and Finance Reform. Ice Cube stresses that “redlining” has severely impacted the black community’s ability to obtain loans and other forms of financing. Especially at the same interest rate and acceptance rate as caucasians. He points out that although “redlining” was made illegal, it still is a common practice found in banking and lending institutions to this very day.

So Cube proposes that, “Black lending on a yearly basis by percentage of dollar amount must match the black population in communities which the bank serves”. He goes on to say, “Rates on black loans federally and from banks to be at the sam average as whites.”

The next section talks about Judicial and Public Policy Reform. Here are some of the key points:

  • Recognize Racism As A Public Health Crisis
  • Ban All Privately Run Prisons
  • Declare The KKK (Kl Klux Klan) A Terrorist Organization
  • Make Lynching A Federal Hate Crime
  • Free Non-Violent Offenders Incarcerated Over 10 Years – must have less than 5 “write ups”, and those “write ups” can be challenged and are ensured a due process.
  • Free Prisoners For Marijuana Possession
  • Eliminate 3 Strike Rule and Mandatory Minimums
  • Regularly Inspect And Maintain Clean And Adequate Water Supply Systems In All Neighborhoods

Ice Cube goes on to say that the 13th Amendment must be adjusted to ensure that slavery “IN ANY FORM” is abolished completely, regardless if you’ve committed a crime or not. Earlier in the contract he mentions that if an inmate was to do labor while incarcerated it would be optional, not mandatory.

In the section, “Entertainment Industry and Reparations” Cube goes in how black culture has been exploited by white owned media companies, and those who’ve profited the most are to repay the black entertainment industry. Also that black movies will be created by black people under black leadership, for too long white producers and scriptwriters have controlled the narrative of black representation in Hollywood.

Finally he addresses “Monuments and Statues“. Cube basically says that all confederate and other racist statues, monuments or memorabilia should be illegal and eliminated from public display and placed in museums to remember the history of the tragic phenomena of the system of racism white supremacy.


I think Ice Cube did a phenomenal job addressing the key changes that must IMMDEDIATELY be made in America in order for black people to be liberated from a 400-year-old system of racism white supremacy and providing a blueprint of a new system that produces justice, freedom, and equality for all Americans.

Obviously this is just a blueprint, but this seed of an idea can grow into real life liberation if we choose to make it so.

Here is the link the the full “Contract With Black America” written by Ice Cube: