July 3, 2020

Want To Survive This Recession? You Must Have A Hustler Mentality And Multiple Streams Of Income

Surviving with just a job was rough before the pandemic, but now it’s impossible.

PHOTO: Yo Gotti, "Recession Proof" Cover Screenshot

It’s unfortunate that most people don’t learn the importance of multiple streams of income until it’s too late.

Well now it’s too late, almost.

In the past few months over 40 million people in America lost their job. Most of the people who lost their jobs were already paycheck-to-paycheck, making unemployment absolute financial oblivion.


Investing or running a business shouldn’t be thought of as voluntary, because it’s mandatory if you want to maintain and excel in this dreadful economy.

Let’s say you have a job at some department store, there’s nothing wrong with that if that’s something you want to do. However, putting your entire financial security in the hands of a department store (of whom the owner doesn’t even know your name) is a terrible idea, as many have found out.

In the blink of an eye you can and will be cancelled if your existence on their boat is making them sink, if that makes sense.

So when they decide to cut you loose what will you do? Is it their fault for firing you from their business that they started, own, or orchestrate? Or is it your fault for never taking your financial security serious enough to put your future in your own hands instead of someone else’s?

Saying it’s a human right to have a job is like saying it’s your human right to be a slave for someone else. Do you really think that?

Is the world suppose to create opportunities for you or are you suppose to make opportunities for yourself?


Opportunity: a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something.

The name of the game is creating a set of circumstances that give you the best chance of manifesting a thought into a reality.

This is a process that starts from within.

As the brothers in the 5 Percent Nation say, “do the knowledge first“.

This means to look, listen, and observe your current condition – mentally, spiritually, and physically.

Doing this affords you the privilege of KNOWING what actually is, and then you can determine how to use the elements of your current condition to your future benefit and empowerment. Once you have the knowledge, it’s necessary put that knowledge in motion or else you’re just wasting your time.

In other words, if you know we are in the midst of an economic disaster your job is to figure out how you can use these current conditions to your advantage. Where is there a need you can supply? Where is there a demand that must be met?

Without knowing what actually is (“doing the knowledge first”), it’s impossible to conduct any research and expect accurate results.

So once you figure out where you fit in, establish a culture that encourages the growth and development of that idea. The same way you find good soil for a seed you wish to grow and then establish a routine that maintains the plants maximum health.

By now, if you’ve built a solid foundation, your business or businesses based on the demands of your environment are materialized and expanding. It will stay that way if you use your power, as the creator of that idea, in a righteous way that brings peace and equality. In other words, scamming will only get you so far. Doing “the right thing” attracts longevity.

This is how you turn nothing, to something.

This is how you turn a thought in a reality that empowers you.

Get the knowledge first, the process of putting that knowledge in motion will make you wise, the sum total of your experience plus knowledge will give you understanding. Use this understanding to create a culture that inspires the growth and development of your ideas or goals. Only then will you truly be able to be empowered in the physical realm by something that was born from your mind.

The melanated mind is the foundation of all things and not even a global virus, nor the conditions created by that virus can prevail against the energized intent of what we think and choose to give our attention too.

It’s more than just “starting a business” or throwing some money at investments. It’s a frequency of thought. It’s the ability to be fruitful, to produce from within, to self-generate that will ultimately bring you peace, power, and abundance. Stop thinking of yourself as poor, or being limited of resources. Instead, think of what you do have and how you can use the current conditions of your environment to your advantage as opposed to being a victim to external circumstances.

Your humanity is limited, not the potential of your mind.