Armed Black Militia Responds To KKK Threats By Going To Stone Mountain On The 4th Of July And Calling Out White Supremacist Groups

Black people in America have a right to protect ourselves, from anything and anyone that tries to harm us or take our lives, by any means necessary.

Massive protests against systematic racism plus Trump’s racist rhetoric has fueled racial tensions that have led to violent attacks against black people in America – from police brutality to white domestic terrorism. More and more “mysterious” hangings of Black Americans are discovered all the time. There have also been increasing threats from racist white supremacist groups circulating the internet claiming that they had plans on attacking Black people across America on the 4th of July.

Well the NFAC Black Militia lead by Grandmaster Jay responded to the credible threats by ‘calling out’ those white supremacist groups whom threatened the lives of black people, all while exercising their 2nd Amendment right to bear arms, in the birth place of the Ku Klux Klan – Stone Mountain, Georgia.

Pushing Black News (@pushing_black) says, “The NFAC (Not F*cking Around Coalition) led by Grand Master Jay showed up in force at the birthplace of the KKK, Stone Mountain, GA. Most of the members are ex-military. They drew a sharp contrast between themselves and the Black Lives Matter movement, making it known that they aren’t all about marching or bringing signs to gunfights. Marching isn’t the only response to oppression. Another response is getting armed and being ready to intervene in violent attacks against our people.

If you haven’t yet, find a Black Gun Owners organization to become a part of. Become trained and proficient in handling firearms. This is a part of every liberatory struggle. Even the non-violent Civil Rights leaders, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr included, owned guns and were ready to use them for self-defense outside of the specific non-violent direct actions they took.

Gun ownership is a responsibility, and we must commit to never using a firearm against a Black person except in the gravest circumstances. We must take every precaution, legal and practical, to make sure our gun ownership isn’t a liability.”

History Of Stone Mountain & The KKK

Source: The Southern Poverty Law Center – “Stone Mountain: A Monumental Dilemma”

“In 1915, the second coming of the Ku Klux Klan occurred atop Stone Mountain. Klan money helped fund the monument. And the first of its three head sculptors was a Klansman, as was the owner of the mountain, Samuel Venable, whose family bought it in 1887 to run a quarry. Venable granted the Klan rights to hold meetings there in perpetuity. And for decades it did…

…On Thanksgiving night, William J. Simmons led a group of 15, including some members of the Frank lynching mob, to the summit of Stone Mountain, where they set up a flag-draped altar, opened a Bible and burned a 16-foot cross in an initiation ceremony described in Atlanta’s Stone Mountain: A Multicultural History, by Paul Stephen Hudson and Lora Pond Mirza. The resurrected KKK targeted primarily blacks, but also Jews, Catholics and foreigners among others….

…The state’s purchase of Stone Mountain voided Venable’s agreement with the Klan, but that hasn’t stopped sympathizers and other white supremacists from making pilgrimages to their sacred ground of hate. And, it’s hard to ignore the timing of the park’s official grand opening on April 14, 1965 — 100 years to the day that President Abraham Lincoln was shot.”