July 6, 2020

A Case Of Bubonic Plague Has Been Reported In China, Patient Has Been Quarantined

People wonder if 2020 could get any worse as a case of the bubonic plague has been reported in North China.

Photo Source: @globaltimesnews (Twitter)

In North China’s Mongolia Region, Bayan Nur city, a suspected case of the Bubonic Plague was reported on Saturday.

By Sunday, there was a level 3 warning issued insisting residents take extreme precautions when dealing with wild animals.

The Bubonic plague is primarily spread by infected fleas from small animals.

“Bayan Nur city of N. China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region on Saturday reported a suspected case of the #BubonicPlague and issued a level III early warning on Sunday, urging residents to strictly follow prevention and control measures regarding the handling of wild animals.”

@globaltimesnews, Twitter

The local herdsman who was suspected of having the Bubonic Plague has since been quarantined and is reported to be in stable condition, according to China News (@Echinanews). “The patient, a local herdsman, has now been quarantined and is in stable condition.”

Most people believe “The Black Death” was Bubonic Plague.

According to Wikipedia: “The Black Death, also known as the Pestilence and the Great Mortality, was the most fatal pandemic recorded in human history. The Black Death resulted in the deaths of up to 75–200 million people in Eurasia and North Africa, peaking in Europe from 1347 to 1351.  Plague, the disease caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis, was the cause; Y. pestis infection most commonly results in bubonic plague, but can cause septicaemic or pneumonic plagues. The Black Death was the beginning of the second plague pandemic. The plague created religious, social, and economic upheavals, with profound effects on the course of European history.”