July 9, 2020

Death Of Robert Fuller Ruled A “Suicide”, Like Many Other Black Americans Found Hanging From Trees

According to CBS News, “The death of Robert Fuller, a 24-year-old Black man found hanging from a tree in June in Palmdale, California, has been ruled a suicide, according to the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department.”

The L.A. Sheriff’s Department called the death of Robert Fuller a suicide before the investigation was complete.

This report from NPR.ORG explains: “A growing number of residents and officials in Los Angeles County are demanding answers in the death of a black man whose body was discovered hanging from a tree. Robert Fuller’s body was found early on Wednesday in Poncitlán Square park in Palmdale, Calif., a commuter city roughly an hour north of Los Angeles. The 24-year-old’s death was deemed a likely suicide based on preliminary findings, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said. Fuller’s family and supporters are pushing back against the department’s assessment, saying Fuller’s death appears to be a lynching. It came 10 days after another black man was found hanging from a tree about 50 miles away in Victorville.”

A week after Robert Fuller’s death his half-brother was killed by police.

On June 19th the L.A Times writes, “Terron Boone was distraught when his younger brother was found hanging from a tree in a park near Palmdale’s City Hall last week. The manner of death of 24-year-old Robert Fuller evoked ugly images of the nation’s racist legacy of lynchings and sparked outrage when Los Angeles County coroner’s and sheriff’s officials quickly listed it as a suicide. Protests generated national attention and prompted local authorities to involve state and federal investigators. Then on Wednesday, exactly a week after his brother’s body was found, Boone, 31, was shot and killed by Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies in what authorities described as a wild shootout in this desert town north of Palmdale.

There has been a pattern of black and brown people across America being found hanging from trees, and their deaths being ruled a suicide.


According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “Authorities are investigating a sudden string of hangings involving black and Hispanic Americans as racial tensions continue to fester in the wake of George Floyd’s death. The six separate incidents are also fueling fear and suspicions about the possibility of lynchings, but officials have so far ruled every case a suicide. Since May 27, a woman, four men and a teenage boy have been found dead from separate hangings in Portland, Ore., Southern California, Houston and New York City.”

Let’s not forget that America has a 400-year-old history of melanated people mysteriously dying from “suicides”, specifically with a rope, hanging from a tree.