Organized Black Militias Are Forming Everywhere Because America Won’t Stop Oppressing And Killing Black People

Systemic racism is both a theoretical concept and a reality. As a theory, it is premised on the research-supported claim that the United States was founded as a racist society, that racism is thus embedded in all social institutions, structures, and social relations within our society. Rooted in a racist foundation, systemic racism today is composed of intersecting, overlapping, and codependent racist institutions, policies, practices, ideas, and behaviors that give an unjust amount of resources, rights, and power to white people while denying them to people of color.

Dr. Nicki Lisa Cole,

When an armed white militia stormed Michigan’s state capital, acting aggressive and belligerent, there was no major fuss or alarm sounded. In fact, the President called them “good people”.


When Black people exercise not only their constitutional right but their human right to defend themselves by any means necessary does America feel the same way? Does America think organized and armed Black militias are “good people”? If not, then why not?

There is a prevalent lack of urgency to usher in justice for the melanated peoples whom suffer at the tentacles of systemic and institutional racism.

They won’t even arrest the killers of Breonna Taylor.

The idea and systems of America were never made to empower and protect Black people.

In other words, Black people who love Black people are the only people who will protect Black people. We can’t count on the government, the police, or even your friendly neighborhood Black Lives Matter protester to protect Black people.

The sinister and deadly reality of systemic racism that faces every conscious melanated mind in America is one that inspires hyper vigilance and a superior focus on the ideals of Justice, Freedom, and Equality.

America will not end it’s systems of racism and white supremacy voluntarily, so more and more black people are forced to adopt a more militant and revolutionary disposition as a means of survival in a racist society.

This is why armed Black Militias are popping up all over America.

Armed Black Militia Responds To KKK Threats By Going To Stone Mountain On The 4th Of July And Calling Out White Supremacist Groups

“The NFAC (Not F*cking Around Coalition) led by Grand Master Jay showed up in force at the birthplace of the KKK, Stone Mountain, GA. Most of the members are ex-military. They drew a sharp contrast between themselves and the Black Lives Matter movement, making it known that they aren’t all about marching or bringing signs to gunfights. Marching isn’t the only response to oppression. Another response is getting armed and being ready to intervene in violent attacks against our people.”

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Armed Black Men Show Up To Hearing On Confederate Statues To Protect Black Women

“A video is making its rounds on social media for the positive message it’s sending about the relationship between Black men and Black women. On Tuesday, armed Black men from Sleep Is For The Rich Gun Club in Shreveport, Louisiana, showed up in front of the Caddo Parish courthouse with one mission in mind: Protect Black women.”


Black And Armed Militia Group Marched Through Minneapolis During Protests

“We’ve been seeing more and more armed Black people, and we love it. Here we have more armed protestors marching in a show of strength in Minneapolis, MN. We covered the NFAC, the Sleep Is For The Rich Gun Club, and the Huey P. Newton Gun Club, all within the last week. There has been a notable rise in gun interest and organized gun ownership among us.” 

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