July 12, 2020

This Documentarian Is Capturing The Raw Melanated Essence Of Black People Around The World

Brittani Sensabaugh of ‘Brittsense’ is documenting the raw melanated essence of Black people around the world with extradordinary photography.

Photo: @brittsense

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Here is the story behind Brittsense found on Brittsense.com, in the “About Me” Section:

PHOTO: Brittani Sensabaugh, Brittsense

Brittsense is a documentarian originally from Deep East Oakland, California. Based wherever her People are.

222forgottencities Movement

For generations melanated people have been misrepresented in mainstream media because they have not been the people telling/owning their narratives.

Brittsense travels to different cities around the world to experience narratives within the melanated community & from there documents the beauty of melanated communities that mainstream media considers “dangerous“ & says only struggle exist. Brittsense documents to shatter false narratives and stereotypes. Creating and documenting 222forgottencities is doing her part with planting seeds towards the upliftment, nourishment and inner power of melanated people

Brittsense mission with 222forgottencites is to not only provide a different perspective and blueprint of and for melanated people, but to help them tap back into the power they already have. It’s a step towards helping with eliminating the negative perspective and bringing truth towards the struggle of Melanated people & not making the trauma their home.

It’s her part towards the healing process of melanated people psychologically because she feels the first step towards healing is being able to SEE yourself from a lens of unconditional love and not trauma/struggle. Brittsense documentations are a reflection of this.