July 19, 2020

Nick’s Latest Tweets Are Making People Think He’s Suicidal, Some Offer Help While Others Ruthlessly Criticize

Not too long ago, like a few days ago, Nick Cannon was perceived and received as a powerful black influence in the industry and black community. Recent events has shaken things up for Nick. Will he be able to handle it?

The criticism Nick Cannon has received from the Jewish community for speaking the truth on his podcast AND the criticism for his endless apologies to the Jewish community is seemingly sending him into a downfall.

His show “Cannon’s Class” was picking up steam, quickly gaining a reputation as a stage for black intellectuals to share knowledge and drop science. Nick’s community efforts have also been recognized, being involved with many grassroots organizations fighting for justice on the frontlines.

However, when caucasians had a problem with his podcast episode with Professor Griff he seemed to assume a firm unapologetic posture, but then the next day he unexpectedly issued out multiple apologies to the Jewish community and other white people he offended. He even went as far as deleting the interview with Professor Griff and release a new episode of “Cannon’s Class” with a Jewish man.

In the current climate of “No Justice, No Peace” Nick Cannon’s move appears to be very compromising and house negro-ish. Nick has received much backlash from the Black community, so much so that is has apparently affected his mental health, as he shares on Twitter.

These are the latest tweets from Nick Cannon’s verified Twitter page…

Nick Cannon is a grown man that has choices to make just like everyone else. Did he make the right choice bowing down to white people who were offended by him speaking the truth? My opinion is no.

At the same time, there are many more factors that probably went into his decision than the public may not know. Even if he did make the wrong decision, is that a reason to ‘cancel’ Nick Cannon? Is his decisions really ours to judge or worry about in the first place?

What happens if this Black man is sincerely trying his best to make the best decisions he can and the stress of trying to please everyone overwhelms him and he commits suicide? Then what?

Will everyone still try to ‘cancel’ him then? Or will black people think, “Damn, that brother reached out for help and we turned our backs on him”?

We all make mistakes.

We could “check” our brother, like family does. Or we can “exile” him, adding another powerful intelligent black man to the list of black lives that did not matter in America.