July 23, 2020

Black Woman In McKinney, Texas Found Dead Hanging In Garage By White Roommate

According to reports a Black woman named Gloria Bambo was found dead, by her white roommate, hanging in the garage of her home in McKinney, Texas. Police suggest suicide before investigation is complete.

The Mysterious Death Of Gloria Bambo

“Reports coming in of a woman named “#GloriaBambo, a resident of #McKinney, Texas found hung inside her garage. It is said, Gloria resided with her roommate, a white male who found her in the garage Sunday, July 12, 2020. We need answers? Report# 20-005342 #StayOnTheUpnUp” according to @TheMauriceAsh of upnupnews.com.

McKinney Police Department Makes Statement On Facebook About The Death Of Gloria Bambo

“The McKinney Police Department typically does not comment on suicides, including naming the deceased, but due to the public nature of this case we feel the need to clarify some inaccuracies. A number of posts on social media have speculated about the death of Gloria Bambo, a 20-year-old Black female. Ms. Bambo’s body was discovered by her 19-year-old male housemate who has fully cooperated during the investigation. All evidence in the case so far leads investigators to believe it was suicide. The Medical Examiner’s findings are still pending but the preliminary examination of the body has not uncovered any evidence to contradict what was discovered at the residence. This case is still under investigation and is not closed at this time. We are committed to a complete, thorough investigation of Ms. Bambo’s tragic death and we grieve the tragic loss of this promising, young life.” 

Another Side Of The Story?

A post on Twitter from @ImNotJanel, an alleged friend of Gloria Bambo’s roommate, claims to have information “the correct information in regards to her passing”.

Twitter account @ImNotJanel says, “My friend, who was also #gloriabambo ‘s roommate asked me to make this post on his behalf and share the correct information in regards to her passing. a lot of people have been so quick to retweet and spread false information. These are real people. These are grieving people.”

Was Gloria Bambo Murdered, Or Did She Commit Suicide?

Over the past few years there has been a dramatic increase of Black Americans mysteriously being found dead hanging, mostly ruled as suicides. These scenarios have increase much more sense the protests following the death of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.

The reality is, Black people are still being murdered by racist white supremacists whom historically have a pattern of leaving what Nina Simone called ‘strange fruit’ swinging from the trees.

So without having all of the details, the patterns of anonymous brutality against melanated people in America by the hands of caucasians encourages one to assume that this was a murder, and not a suicide. Especially since her dead body was reportedly found by her white roommate, in the garage of the house they both lived in.

Perhaps some information will be released in the future to suggest otherwise.

One thing I do know for sure, America has a 450 year old treacherous history of murdering Black people in private and labeling it a suicide, or “self-defense” in public.