Tariq Nasheed Says NFAC Leader Grandmaster Jay Is Suspect And Possibly An Agent

In an over two-hour long Instagram livestream Tariq Nasheed explains that he thinks Black people should be suspicious of Grandmaster Jay, leader of the NFAC.

Tariq claims that Grandmaster Jay misrepresented his experience and accolades as a Dj. He also shows a video that appears to be recent showing Grandmaster Jay talking about “All Lives Matter”.

The most emphasized claim was that Grandmaster Jay and the NFAC are essentially actors that show up with guns to take pictures, rather than start a revolution. Another part to add, Tariq also showed a video clip of Grandmaster Jay mentioning the Boogaloo Boys, a racist white supremacist organization, reaching out wanting to show support at the next rally in Louisville.

One thing we do know for a fact is that the culture of America is against the masculine Black male. Especially a black man with guns talking about revolution.

However, is it possible that our collective sincere desire to have a strong black leader encouraged us to overlook any potential red flags?

Are we so desperate for a leader that all it takes is a couple rallies with armed and organized black people for us to unquestionably submit to the movement, even without a proper investigation of the organization and the leader?

What if it’s the other way around? Could Tariq be the “agent” using his celebrity status to extinguish the fire behind Grandmaster Jay’s movement?

Being confirmed as an agent is one thing, being suspected is another.

Yes Grandmaster Jay is a new face to a lot of people, but just because his presence has just recently been recognized on a large scale doesn’t automatically make him an agent. Also making statements that aren’t agreed upon by everyone doesn’t make him an agent either.

Although I personally do not subscribe to Jay’s biblical perspective I can appreciate his recent efforts which appear to be based around obtaining black power by any means necessary.

Black people should not accuse each other publicly of being ‘agents’ until solid information is released confirming a suspicion. More often then not, the people we accuse of being government agents are just people we disagree with that won’t conform to our personal school of thought.

False accusations from black people, against other black people, will always be amplified by the system of white supremacy to encourage division and confusion in the black community.

Let’s not allow them to use our personal disagreements with each other as a weapon to maintain our oppression and subjugation to the systems of America.

We all we got. Of course any REAL agents should be exiled immediately. However it’s important to have verifiable proof before we make public claims against each other that could be destructive to the people and the culture.