If The System Of White Supremacy Has Created Hell On Earth, Does That Mean The White Man Is The Devil?

Before we jump into this list let’s define devil.

A concept or word used to describe someone who is a deceiver, liar, evil-doer, wicked, destructive, false, untrue, mischievous, greedy, violent, blood-thirsty, selfish, un-natural, jealous and hateful.

The spiritual element of the “Devil” is any idea, principality or action that is opposed to the infinitely expanding creative force of the universe from which all life comes. 

The physical manifestation of the devil is the embodiment or human caricature of all that is opposed to the infinitely expanding creative force of the universe from which all life comes.

The Devil has often been described as something or someone that came to steal, kill, and destroy.

Who has stolen more, killed more, and destroyed more on planet earth than the caucasian?

No other people have stolen more land, natural resources, human beings, cultures, sciences, ancient relics and historical artifacts. They have killed millions upon millions of melanated indigenous people on every section of this planet – from Africa, to the Americas, to Australia and everywhere else. They have destroyed civilizations, cultures, languages, and even the environment itself. The oceans are polluted with oil and state size floating trash islands. More and more animals and various forms of plant life are going extinct every day as a side effect of their systems.

The tragic phenomena of the system of white supremacy started out like everything else, as a thought. This means if the caucasian man lacks the biological capacity and/or the desire to be aligned with nature, living things, and the universe then his system will also reflect an anti-nature foundation.

The system of white supremacy has created hell on earth for all living things. The people, the animals, the fish, the birds, the plants, etc.

Groups like the Nation of Islam, The 5% Nation, and even The Hebrew Israelites have testified for years that the caucasian man is naturally a devil – a deceiver, a liar, a murderer – his biological circumstance rejects nature and the order of the universe. Many, if not all native and indigenous Americans feel this way. It’s not just those groups, people all around the world have referred to the caucasian man as a devil, in modern and ancient times. See a book called “Making of the Whiteman” by Paul Lawrence Guthrie for more information on that.

Look at how quick they are ready to shoot human beings, to take people’s lives. Many caucasians spend a large majority of their disposable income on advanced weaponry with the desire and intent to kill, kill, kill. Praying for a day they get to experiment their new killing device on another human life. Life of any kind that is not of Caucasian descent is not valued in the system of white supremacy. According to them, everything non-white or non-beneficial for their system must be annihilated in the most violent and destructive methods, no questions asked.

His fear of genetic annihilation makes him refuse to live as equals with the rest of the human family, instead he chooses to oppress and subjugate every melanated person he can find. He defiles the living and dishonors the dead. The caucasian is the sum total of all recessive human qualities and can not exist on planet earth without extreme accommodations (sunscreen to avoid cancer from the sun, cave-like buildings that block out the sun, etc.).

The original man is wise, righteous, and civilized by nature but if he falls victim to his lower nature or the devil’s civilization he will certainly become a devil. The original man has the capacity to be righteous and wicked, aligned and unaligned. The caucasian man, due to his calcified pineal gland and severe melanin deficiency, does not have the biological circumstance to be aligned with nature and the universe. All that remains is the ability to be unaligned, unrighteous, and wicked.

However, the fact that black people have existed on planet earth for millions of years without causing even half of the death and destruction as the caucasian man in less than 10,000 years should demonstrate our ability to be civilized, righteous and universal. I repeat, the original man is NOT naturally a devil, unlike the caucasian man who has brought hell to planet earth in his short period of his existence.

If there was a such thing as “The Devil” on planet earth, it would have to be the group of people that have done the most deceiving, the most lying, the most destruction and the most murder. The devil would do all of those naturally, with pleasure and enthusiasm. Since their appearance on this planet 8,000-10,000 years ago, the descendants of the Caucasus cave dwellers (collectively) have manifested hell and disruption to planet earth and have demonstrated the qualities of “The Devil” throughout every land, to every people.

Even right now, at this very moment, billions of people across the globe are speaking out against the system of white supremacy and the media will have you thinking the problem is the oppressed, rather than the oppressor.

PS – For the “good white people”, if you do not want the planet to view and treat the caucasian collective as the devil of the planet, then your good intentions need to manifest itself to a higher degree than those of your kind who seek white supremacy over humanity.

In other words, the actions of the good white people must outweigh the actions of the bad white people, which has never been the case. Until the caucasian collective develops a universal connection with ‘hue-manity’ and the planet all of their actions will produce hell on earth for everything, and everyone.

How hard is it to be a human, to love humans, to recognize and respect nature, to give life instead of take it? It would only be hard for a devil.

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